The WordPress publishing platform continues to evolve so quickly that keeping our sites up to date with all the changes has become a daunting task.  All the videos and articles I have written in our support section has to be updated as WordPress and our plugins are updated.

Publishing A Post On WordPress


Latest Update WordPress 4.2 and 4.8

Some interesting changes, makes WordPress 4 even better.

WordPress 4.0 – Benny

Click this link to be taken to the article on the WP website.

What has been changed…click here…



Changes to WordPress 3.9 Smith

Up until now the changes have been small improvements, but with WordPress 3.9.1 they are dramatic in many ways.  Here is a video that is also in our Video Tutorial section that will introduce you to some of those changes.  I have also included a second video here that will actually demonstrate how to take advantage and make some of those changes.

I think you will agree, publishing on our website will be easier than ever before and I encourage you to look for other videos on YouTube and visit the WordPress website to learn more about WordPress 3.9 Smith.


WordPress 3.9 Walkthrough





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