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Ufologist defends deepening the theme – Ufo memory

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A controversial subject, ufology got a week to be discussed in all its aspects at the event called “Cosmos – Realities and Mysteries,” which brought together several area researchers and scholars in Araçatuba, with lectures being held during the five days of the event.

“Abductions in the interior of São Paulo – The Marcel Case,” was the theme discussed by Wendell Stein, one of the guests at the event. He is a journalist, writer, and university professor. He was the winner of the 1998 Losso Net of Journalism Award, with the theme “Ethnic Media,” and is also a respected researcher of the UFO (Unidentified Flying Object) phenomenon. In an interview, Stein criticizes the media, and says ufology is still developing.

Folha da Região – Is ufology a necessary science? What are your goals?

Wendell Stein – Ufology is not a science, rather a science in a state of construction, and it helps in two respects. First, for children, because it arouses in them pleasure in learning science. And to study ufology one must have knowledge of physics, mathematics, astronomy, psychology, medicine.

FR – What are the benefits?

Stein – Trying to get answers to the interferences that these UFOs (unidentified flying objects) have exerted on Earth. There are dozens of documented cases of people being abducted from their environment. We do not know, and we cannot say where these beings are from, and that they return the person only with marks, with chips, with implants, which are analyzed by science, proving that the person went through something unusual, leaving physical sequelae. We work with the physical evidence.

FR – Has a person ever been abducted and then returned? Conscious or unconscious?

Stein – There are dozens of cases. Each case has a characteristic. I will briefly mention the case of a person who was abducted from the inside of a car, woke up ten miles from where he had stopped, and, then, through hypnotic regression, reported a visit aboard an alleged spacecraft. When this person comes to us, ufologists, we begin analyzing the person’s psychology and submit him or her to medical analysis, to look for physical evidence.

FR: You said that you are a journalist and ufology scholar. Journalists work with the real issues, ufology with hypotheses. Is there no confrontation?

Stein – There is no confrontation, there must be discipline. For example, an apparition of the type occurred a neighborhood here in Araçatuba, and there were marks in the backyard of the house where the alleged object appeared. The ufologist journalist or the journalist who is not an ufologist will interview these people who witnessed the fact. Bring some earth analysis expert to check if it was burned by fire, by radiation, by lightning, etc. And if the journalist just pictures this, he’ll already be a great ufologist.

FR – How do you deal with people’s disbelief?

Stein – This reputation, of ufologists being crazy, is nothing more than media incompetence, who put things at this level. Most Brazilian ufologists are much more competent than journalists. Today, ufologists are on UFO magazine’s editorial line, which I consider the cream of the crop in research in this field in Brazil. They no longer accept any invitation for interviews on television, radio shows. They are selective, so things will not turn into sensationalism. We have our official media outlet, which is UFO magazine, and UFO magazine readers are also more selective. So, it is no longer in our interest to divulge to the population at large everything that happens in Brazilian and world ufology. We first discuss the issues within the UFO community. If we realize that there is a need to disclose it to the public, we will do that, otherwise it will be kept within this restricted group. But anyone asking for information can get it through this specific publication.

FR – And what about the chupacabra issue that was published a few years ago in the press?

Wendell Stein – What happened there was that people came across a strange case that actually happened and is connected to ufology. But 99 percent of what was reported about this case involving the chupacabra was false, sensationalist. We have a great ufologist, Carlos Alberto Machado, who is considered the greatest specialist in chupacabras in Brazil. He researched the actual cases, which are reported in his book.

FR – And the images that appear on television, do you consider them true? Is there evidence of everything that is disclosed?

Wendell Stein – The first thing we do when a photo/video comes in is to try to prove it is fake. If we cannot prove it, it becomes something accurate, and then we start working on that material. This involves a lot of research and work.

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