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Two Tone You!

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Play copycat this season with an exciting, versatile change to your hair color that is bang on trend.  The two-tone color effect has become the new thing with many celebrities as a variety of stars have been seen sporting the trend.

The Natural Look

The aim of this style is to inspire a ‘faded out look’ at the ends of the hair like actress Kate Beckinsale who has her natural, dark crown and lightened ends.  This style looks particularly nice when the hair is left down so the full effect is shown.  The fashion forward trend looks great when the ends of the hair have glossy, gentle waves down the bottom entwining the two-tone effect.

This trend may appeal to the more mature individual like Kate to younger actresses like Vanessa Hudgens. She has opted for subtle, copper tones through her dark hair, which look very stylish and elegant.  The lighter colours on the end of the hair are great for those who are too nervous for a complete blond look, but would like to experiment with lighter pieces through it and vice versa for blonds who would like to experiment with darker shades.

A Stand Out Two-Tone Look

For individuals who require a bolder look, you may elect for a more obvious effect and dip dye the ends of the hair in a much more vibrant, contrasting colour like Dakota Fanning with her pink tips. Blond hair like Dakota’s looks effective with pink or blue ends for that all out eye-catching hairstyle that will get you noticed.

For those who are brunette or have darker hair, you could take a leaf out of pop star Ciara’s book who has her natural, dark hair at the top and bleached the ends of her hair blond. This helps to give the effect of long, grown out roots, but it is certainly for the brave!  American actress Drew Barrymore is another celebrity who is always experimenting with fashion and was not afraid to show off her dark roots and lighter ends recently.

Choosing the Style and Length of Hair

Achieving this look is do-able if you have long hair, or if not, this contemporary look can be achieved by clip-in hair extensions or having some extensions applied to the base of your hair with the desired color of your choice.

The first thing that must be done is deciding upon the color you would like the base of your hair to be and whether you desire a subtle look or be a shade braver and go for a bold color.  Once you have decided on this, a discussion with your hairdresser should be carried out as to how you wish the two-tone effect to be implemented, e.g. running subtly through the base of the hair, or a faded out, block color through the ends. Either the way the color and style possibilities are endless, low maintenance (if you keep the more natural hair color at the crown of your head) and are a highly sort after style request at the moment.

Have fun and enjoy this rainbow trend before it ‘fades out.’


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