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Trend Tracker: Animal Prints

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Animal prints have been around for a long time and this statement style has never really gone out of fashion.  It appears in all seasons via clothing and accessories and it is always reinvented and worn as the ‘new trend.’  However, in reality, the animal print look remains in fashion because it is easy to create an elegant impression, or a funkier, more daring look.

Regardless of the season, style or weather, there is always a way to incorporate animal print into your outfit.  For those who are more reserved or unconfident on how to wear this dynamic fashion trend, finding the right style and deciding upon whether it will be incorporated into an outfit or as an accessory is very important.

How to Wear Animal Prints

Wearing animal print can really make a bold statement.  Popular styles like leopard prints are popular and classy to wear, but can sometimes be tricky to introduce into a daily outfit if not worn correctly. Cheetah and leopard prints are the most common and always stand the test of time, but if they are not worn correctly, they verge on looking trashy and tacky.  However, when worn correctly, it can look cute, classy and sexy.  Follow these fashion-forward tips to help invent your wild side:

  • To keep the animal print looking classy and elegant, ensure that the clothing is not too revealing.  Do not pair the prints up with short skirts, revealing tops and hot pants.
  • Wear animal prints in a classic and elegant way, by wearing an animal print shirt/blouse, as a skirt or coat. If animal print is worn as part of the clothing, opt for solid, block colours for the rest of the outfit, e.g black, white or with a hint of red.
  • Animal prints can be very flattering for the figure, as the print can draw attention away from problem areas. For example, for those with slightly larger hips, or a fuller bottom half, an animal print top paired with a black skirt draws attention away from the lower half of the body.  Those wanting to accentuate their best bits, can also benefit from wearing animal print, by accompanying simple clothing with an animal print belt to help enhance a tiny waist, a printed scarf can draw attention to the face. It is all a matter of playing around with different styles and exploring what looks better on each individual.
  • Animal print can be a bold choice for people to bring into their wardrobe, so being on-trend without investing too much money into a new wardrobe can be easily fixed by buying a few accessories.  Simple accessories like animal print gloves with a block- coloured coat will stand out, an animal print belt against a dark outfit, a pair of animal print shoes are always eye-catching and a must-have leopard print bag is a sure fire winner against a simple outfit.

Trend Tip: Less is More

Animal prints create attention anywhere you go, so it is important to get the look just right. With this fashion trend, less can be more in order to keep it in line with sophistication rather than wild.

For those who are newly experimenting with animal prints, the outfits with just a “splash” of leopard print are for the more minimalist style, or for people who want to try the trend gently. For the wild cats who are feeling brave and confident about wearing eye-popping prints, such as the leopard skin style, may find wearing a complete outfit can become the main focus.

Accessories are usually worn to help enhance an outfit, however, with animal prints, this is not necessary, as the print grabs all of the attention for themselves. The style is so busy; accessories will become lost amongst the pattern.

Celebrities Explore the Wild Side

Kourtney Kardashian is the perfect example of how to add a hint of leopard print to give an outfit some “oomph” and bring it completely up-to-date for this season’s trend. It’s also the perfect way to wear this style if you’re wary of the print.

A leopard scarf is a perfect winter investment; it will keep you both warm and stylish as the weather cools down. Celebrities such as Sienna Miller, Nicole Ritchie and Miranda Kerr have all been rocking the animal print look by enhancing their outfits with scarves.

Designers like Roberto Cavalli, and Prada have been lovers of animal print in many of their collections throughout the years.

For making a big statement, one cannot stand out more than wearing leopard print dresses, which are not as scary as they look. However, there is one vital accessory needed to pull off this feline look and it is an accessory which you cannot buy: CONFIDENCE!!

As celebrities walk down the red carpet, flashing their wild side in a leopard print dress, they walk like they own the place as all eyes are firmly fixed on them. As seen on Rachel Bilson and Rihanna, leopard print dresses are super sexy, so, when wearing one yourself, go out there and show them what you can do!

Animal print can be a flattering style for anyone and can really look great. The way it can be worn is as distinctive as you want it to be, as glamorous as you envisage or it can be as sassy as you dare. But what it all boils down to is how you wear it. So go ahead, satisfy your inner feline with this fashion forward trend!


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