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The Perfect Ponytail

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By Lisa-Marie Burrows

With the Christmas and New Years Eve party season in full swing, the popular, hassle-free ponytail hairstyle is this winters perfect hair trend guaranteed to create that “wow factor.”

This hairstyle is easy to create when partnered with the correct styling tools and products and is no longer seen as the quick answer to a bad hair day, as it has now evolved into a must-try style.  There are several variations that have been tried and tested by many of the A-List celebrities such as Blake LivelyAngelina JolieEva Longoria and Kelly Rowland who have experimented with messy, low, tousled ponytails, to smooth, sleek high wearing ponytails.

It is not just the celebrities that have been rocking this hair raising craze, the ponytail fashion has also been spotted on the catwalks of various designers, including  Louis VuittonVera Wang and Marc Jacobs.

Eva Longoria likes to experiment with ponytails.

Has this caused a case of hair envy? Do not worry. Follow these guidelines below to help you copy these contemporary takes on the ponytail or become innovative and design your own.

How to Make the Perfect Ponytail

This look is great for the party season and it is very simple to create if it is well moisturised, and in good condition.  Follow the guidelines below on how to make a 60’s-style ponytail, one of this seasons massive winter trends:

Step One: Hair Preparation

The first and most important stage of the process is ensuring that the hair is freshly washed and blow-dried on the same day, with volumising hair products for maximum thickness and volume.  Using volumising mousse generates a thicker body and creates more texture – an important look for the style.

Step Two: Hair Cleanser

In order for the hair to be completely free of any excess grease or dirt, apply some cleansing spray to the roots and rub it in with your fingers.  Afterwards the hair should feel more refreshed and able to produce the required extra height.

Step Three: Backcomb the Hair

Add some all-important height by dividing hair into slices and starting at the front, begin to backcomb into the roots.  Continue the process until you get to the crown.

Step Four: Creating the Ponytail

Push back the backcombed hair and smooth it out very gently with the brush, but be careful to only smooth out the top layer of hair, so that the volume, which has just been created, is not brushed out.  Once it is all the way back and you are happy with the height and shape, then tie the hair back into either a high or low ponytail that suits your style needs.

Step Five: Hairspray

Finally, the last required step for the perfect ponytail creation is setting it with hairspray, ideally with volumising hairspray to hold the backcombed hair in place.

This style is a fantastic way of experimenting with the hair and allows you to be as brave and wild as you would like, by implementing curlers, crimpers or even hair jewels to make a bold statement, or cleanly swept back and sleek for the more discreet look.  Either way, there are so many different formations of the ponytail, it is the perfect excuse to experiment and attend more Christmas and New Years Eve parties this season!


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