The shops and streets of Thailand offer all sorts of illegal ID’s for only a few dollars. Most don’t realize that using fake ID’s and government documents is illegal. In a world concerned about security it is only a fool that would purchase one of these cards. Many have found themselves in jail in a country that doesn’t offer the best accommodations.

Be Advised…Justin Rule is not a member of IPA, not affiliated with our organization, and should not be granted any access or privileges.

Notice:  Justin RuleBeware of this individual who was once a member of our organization.  His membership expired in 2015.  This scammer has set up a Gmail account using our company name and has even claimed he was the CEO of the International Press Association.


This is a serious breach of our Terms of Membership that he agreed to on joining us years ago.  If Justin Rule contacts you or emails you with his email address, internationalpressassociation@gmail

Please notify us immediately.

Email: lenrap@internationalpress.org


Example Of Attempts To Defraud Using IPA’s Name 


Europeans love to vacation in Thailand and purchase all sorts of Fake ID’s like this one.

We recently had a report from a hotel in California from an individual purporting to be an IPA officer. He stated that he wanted to book the entire hotel for an upcoming IPA event and wanted to inspect the hotel and stay there with the president of IPA at no cost to do so. Of course, we advised the hotel manager that this was indeed a scam and that this individual was not now or at any time a member of IPA. Be alert and be vigilant and if in doubt contact us immediately.

About International Press Association 

IPA is a New Jersey State corporation and in existence since 1991. We are also the first INTERNATIONAL PRESS ASSOCIATION™ on the internet and our web site appeared as part of our parent companies site MTI Group in the early years. In March of 1997 we registered the domain name and moved it to its own web site. International Press Association its logo are both ™ and IPA is additionally a Registered mark with the US Trademark and Patent office. Any use of our trademarked, registered or copyrighted properties will be subject to legal action.

If You Are Contacted By An IPA Member 

Any company or organization being approached by anyone claiming to be a current member of IPA, should visit our web site, register as a visitor and do a member search for that member. If they do not show in our system they are not members of IPA and you should refuse their requests. If in doubt, contact us to verify if the individual is one of our members. You can locate additional contact
information here

bogus_idcardPress or media representatives, If you are in doubt about an individuals motives, check the individuals credentials, view their work and fully understands what their intent might be. If they are indeed one of our members, please go to our Members section on this site view their profile and if they have published works you will be able to see it here or on our IMPress site as well.  It is always advisable to ask for a link to the members work so you can determine if their work warrants the access or benefits they may request.  Only then,  should you approve them to attend or cover your event.  Not every member is actively publishing their works on our websites, IMPress or this one and may be publishing on other valid sites or print publications.  So during your vetting process, please understand that they may  be qualified, but they may not intend on publishing the coverage of your event on our sites.

We have always advised the parties making the request for verification, to check the members work or view our members profile on our web site. We also advise them to refuse access or not to grant any benefits to those individuals, unless doing so was in their best interests. In cases that deal with security, we advise those individuals to consider reporting the attempt to the local police for further action, if they feel that access would indeed be a security risk.

Luca-PressIDMany of the Cayman Island and Thailand bogus ID’s have shown up in London, Bangkok and other overseas locations.  Since 9/11  there is an increased  interest from law enforcement when these cards began to surface overseas. We have cooperated with the New Scotland Yard in their past investigations dealing with the use of these cards and many have already been confiscated. We have some in our offices and copies of others in our possession, which we have shared with law enforcement agencies in the past.

IPA will never give any member a letter authorizing them the ability to gain access to security sensitive locations.  We do not encourage this type of behavior by our members. It is a dangerous and could help the wrong people to gain access that could jeopardize the security and safety of a particular location.

IPA members are not authorized to enter security sensitive areas and doing so could void their membership in our organization.

Security Is Essential – How To Identify Our Press ID

Since 9/11, we have spent many thousands of dollars and many man hours, developing a new secure member based web site. All of our members have their own profile’s  and on this site and on our IMPress Magazine site it is easy to view their works to include their photos, articles, videos and a brief resume of their experiences.

Press-KitOur press ID has the members ID Photo, which matches their ID photo on our web site. Our cards and documents have an IPA holographic security seal or a raised seal on our letter of authorization to make verification possible. We also include our security department’s email address on the cards as well, so we can easily be reached should it be necessary. Most IPA members will have a one or two year expiration date on their cards and documents, the bogus cards may have expiration dates for many years in the future.

You will also note that we will refuse membership to individuals from specific countries that the both the US Department of State, considers a high risk and countries we feel cannot publish their works in English our primary language for our online publications.  We will also refuse membership from any individual we feel raises red flags in their applications.

IPA maintains the right to refuse membership for any reason and have all new members agree to our Terms of Membership that can be found on our site and when registering. We may also VOID any membership if we feel the member has abused his privileges. This means shutting down their Members Profile, so their Press Card can no longer be used or membership verified.

No other site, we know of can offer this many layers of security. Once their Press Cards are issued they have no control over the use by their members and may not be able to VOID a membership in the event of misuse. We depend on reports from the public should they find an individual attempting to use an expired IPA press card.


Fake Cards – Click To Enlarge

We remind everyone to be vigilant and before granting access to anyone that may appear to be one of our members, verify that members profile at our web site. All profiles contain an identification photo of the member that will match the id photo on their press cards.

If in doubt and we will attempt to help you verify a member or help you report their activities to the FBI or local law enforcement agencies. Further IPA contact information is available at our Contact page on this site. Law enforcement agencies and those needing verification may email our security team at:support@internationalpress.com, we will respond as soon as possible.

IPA is not affiliated with any other web site or company claiming to be part of our organization or using our name in an attempt to scam of fool would be members, be alert and do not register for membership in IPA at any other site or link you may get in an email or in a web site search. These are our only websites and you can access the official IPA web site at either:


Member Support:  internationalpress.com/blog

IMPress Magazine: ipaimpress.com


We Cooperate With Government and International Law Enforcement Agencies



I am a Special Agent of the Diplomatic Security Service, U.S. Department of State assigned to the American Embassy in London, England.

We found what we believe is a fraudulent IPA press card on our property. We have checked the address on the card and it does not exist, and the date of birth on the card does not match the passport holder.

We are deeply concerned as you can imagine, and we are requesting assistance in the matter. I have attached a copy of both front and back of the card.

What we need from you is 1) Does this person work for you?; 2) Has there been blank cards/stamps stolen?; and 3) What are your procedures for issuing pass cards?

Any assistance would be greatly appreciated,

Herman Arnold
Special Agent in Charge
Investigative Unit
U. S. Embassy London


Typical Verification Request – Fake IPA Press Card

We receive many requests for verification because bogus IPA press cards are sold on the streets of Thailand and expired cards from previous members are still being used by those that think they won’t get caught or that their actions in some way will not be noticed.  The results have been denial of access and in some cases as you can see from the US Department of State can result in imprisonment.

Here is one we received on March 25, 2013…Notice this card says International Press Journal Association, obviously meant to mimic our cards.

Fake Press ID Verification Email

You can see that many events will  check credentials and request verification or look to see the members published works on our websites.  We urge all members that request media access to publish their work on our sites. Those members who do not publish can be denied access even with IPA press identification. IPA Press ID is just that, a source of identification. If you are not actively publishing work on our sites, then you may not and should not be, granted media access.

Read our information about the benefits of legitimate membership at IPA and you be the judge it using fake IPA press ID makes any sense.


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