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Rotolight debut 6KW Cinematic Light Ring At NAB 2013

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New range of ANOVA LED Floodlights with iPhone/iPad Control



NAB 2013, Las Vegas: Rotolight unveil a unique 6KW LED Light Ring, made using six Rotolight ANOVA bi-colour LED Floodlights. Weighing just 18.5kg, the hexagonal light ring can be mounted to lighting stands, or together with any Cinematic Motion Picture Camera, mounted on a specially designed 19mm rail support system. The complete rig (lights and camera) can then be panned by 360º and tilted using a cinematic tripod or camera mount. The ‘RotoFlood‘ 6K rig is the world’s most powerful Light Ring, perfect for super slow motion cinematography and delivers flicker free, 6000watt, 110º beam angle, colour controllable lighting with that signature Rotolight shadowless ‘soft-light’ effect. The 6K Rig can be controlled Locally, by DMX or WiFi using the Rotolight Magic Eye iPhone/iPad app.

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Hex Ring

New additions to the multi award-winning Rotolight AlphaNova series of products will be on show in the form of the ANOVA 5600 and ANOVA 3200 fixed colour LED Floodlights. These new, 35% brighter ANOVAs deliver more output at a lower price point whilst retaining advanced features like V-Lock Battery plates, DMX and ANOVA networking compatibility. These new models feature latest generation LED’s which provide ‘best in class’ Colour Rendering (CRI*) with exceptional (R15) skin tone reproduction (CRI=97) that for the first time rivals incandescent light.

Each ANOVA product in the AlphaNova range can be wirelessly networked together and controlled by the latest upgrade of the Rotolight Magic Eye V2 APP for iPhone / iPad, featuring the new Profader view, a DMX style ‘virtual’ lighting console, amongst many other exciting updates!

New accessories on show for the ANOVAs include a Honeycomb Louver, Portabrace Raincover and Portabrace Soft Shoulder Bag.

Anova Back

Anova Back

Lighting Gaffers and DOP’s will be fascinated by the new Rotolight Spectrometer which allows broadcast professionals to identify and correct anomalies and colour issues within set lighting in real time, before shooting film, thus avoiding expensive post colour correction.

NAB 2013 will also see the arrival of the new Rotolight Lighting Stand with tripod base that enables upright and 90º lighting support up to 12KG

(*) Whilst many LED manufacturers may claim to have high overall CRI scores, these often can be misleading as whilst the overall CRI may be high, particular values which can have a large impact on the accuracy of skin tones are frequently very low which can cause excess green or unnatural colouring of the skin, with ‘R9 – Red’ and R-15 Skin tone’ being a particular weakness of many well known brands of LED’s on the market with value of <10 widely seen in testing. For this reason, particular attention has been paid to the quality of the colour reproduction in Rotolight’s new LED technology and as such Rotolight believe the new Anova 5600 and 3200 respectively provide the most colour accurate, ‘best in class’ quality of LED light available on the market, with both ‘R9 Red’ and ‘R15 Skin Tone’ values for the new Rotolight Anova 5600 and 3200 scoring >97 CRI or above.

For a demonstration of the latest products please visit us at:

RTS INC (US Distributor) – STAND C12132 Main Rotolight Booth


 For all NAB SHOW Enquiries please Contact:

Rod Aaron Gammons

+44 (0) 7921 066373

[box_light]About Rotolight[/box_light]

A world leader in LED Lighting technology, Rotolight Ltd, is a family run company based at Pinewood Film Studios, England. The Rotolight Magic Eye App and Anova LED Floodlight won the highly prestigious 2013 British Kinematograph, Sound & Television Society (BKSTS) Special Award for Scientific Achievement and Technical Innovation, that has contributed to the advancement of the industries served by the Society, as well as the Cinec Special Award 2012 for Technical Achievement and Innovation.

Other awards include: *TVB-Europe – Editors’ Awards – Best of IBC*, *Macworld – Editors’ Choice – Five Stars ***** ” , “TV-Bay Award – Best Camcorder Lighting Product* “British Journal Of Photography Magazine – Best Value LED Lighting Product’.

For more information on the company please visit

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