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Many of our IPA members have published successfully on our IPA site.  Once we can determine the skill level and ability to publish on our IPA site, we will invite those members that qualify to join our staff at IMPress.  Both sites are similar in that they are both WordPress Blogs.  The difference in publishing on the two is the sites “Theme”

The theme is basically the design of the site and on each site there are some differences in the look and tools used to publish a post.  This brief article is to show you how easy it is for those IMPress or IPA members to publish their works on both sites and do it with a minimum of effort.

If you have published on the IPA site and now want to also publish the same post on the IMPress site you have to consider a few things. The first is the post worthy of publication on IMPress.  IMPress Magazine showcases our best members best works.  This means we do not allow posts or articles that don’t meet our criteria for excellence in content both written and photographic.

On the IPA member site, members are permitted to post their articles no matter what level of skill they may be.  Of course we still will view those articles, make recommendations for change or improvements, but the criteria is to build a portfolio or body of your works and IPA is perfect for the beginner or experienced member.  IMPress is for those that have the skills and experience and not a place for the beginner.

IMPress Staff Members

Those IPA members who have qualified for a staff position at IMPress that may want to publish on both sites can now do so, with ease.  You may publish on IMPress or IPA first and than simply

Some of the Differences In The Two Sites

Featured Image Size

I suppose the first difference in one site to the other is the size of your Featured Image.  You know the image that shows on the top of the post and in our listing pages.  On the IPA site the Featured Image is a horizontal image with a size of 540 px X 215 px.  Of course the image could be uploaded larger in size, but will be cropped and reduced to this size.

IPA Featured Image Size 540 px X 215 px

IPA Featured Image Size 540 px X 215 px

On the IMPress site the image is 600 px X 400 px.

IMPress Featured Image size is

IMPress Featured Image size is 600 X 400 pixels

I like to upload a slightly larger image just to be sure it will display properly. If you see it is being cropped and don’t like the auto sizing and cropping, than by all means bring the image into a photo editing app and crop it to these or slightly larger dimensions so you have complete control over how it will appear.

Text and Headline Formatting

You will also note that the text, headings and some of the formatting options are different on the two sites.  Because the designer of each theme has selected the default fonts, sizes and appearance on each theme, they will differ.  A H3 or Headline 3 applied to your text will look different from one site to the other.

You will also note that in our formatting menu some of the options may be different.

IPA Menu 


IMPress Menu


You can mouse over all the icons on these menus to find out their functions.

When publishing an article on one site that uses certain formatting options or features, they may or may not copy over to the other site exactly the same way so you may have to adjust these as necessary.  Usually there aren’t too many issues, but you should realize that a shortcode used on one site might not be available on the other site.

You may also find it easier to copy the article once published on one site in the TEXT mode rather than the visual mode.  Try it one way and save it as a draft and see how it looks.  Than try it the other way (visual mode) and see if it look better.  Quite often the issues will be with the images.  They may not copy properly and in some cases you will have to “Align” them again.  An image that was aligned right or left could now show as centered, you get the idea.

Give this a try and take advantage of the additional views you will receive on your IMPress Articles if you now also have it posted on the IPA site.  For those IPA members that post on that site first, if it is an exceptional article, you will definitely want to post it on IMPress as well.

Any questions or issues publishing from one of our sites to the other, feel free to contact me directly.

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