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Exciting New Photo Gear At Photoplus 2014 – Nikon, Tamron, Datacolor and Rotolight

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Nikon D750 Click to Enlarge

Nikon D750 Click to Enlarge




We were excited this year to add Nikon to our list of companies that we were going to interview. Since our crew shoots with Nikon cameras and Andy Foord just started to work with his new D810 and I have plans to buy the new D750, soon. so this was a must stop for us.


Nikon D810

Nikon D810

See Nikon’s hottest new cameras the D750 and D810 cameras, which you will get to know better in our complete show interview with the one and only, Steve Heiner Nikon’s Senior Technical Manager. Steve is the man who authors many Nikon training articles and much more. You can visit the Nikon site they have a sensational Learn & Explore center . Watch this complete video as Steve shows us some of the features of both of these incredible cameras.

I don’t have to say a lot about Nikon here most of the readers that own Nikon’s only want to read about their newest cameras. I have been shooting with Nikon’s for the past 40 years and can’t imagine using any other camera, although I have tried many. I like the ergonomics of the cameras, the reliability and the build, rugged and tough and top notch performance.

Watch our interview with Steve Heiner who takes us through a nice review of both cameras.



Rotolight Neo Perfect for On Camera Photo or Video

Rotolight Neo Perfect for On Camera Photo or Video



We have known and admired products from Rotolight for years, but alas they were only available in the United Kingdom. Last year we were fortunate to find Rotolight at the 2013 PhotoPlus show and featured them in our show video and review. This year we stopped by again to see what was new and boy were we pleased to find the new Rotolight Neo.

Neo is simply the most powerful on camera LED light in our market and has some high-tech features including continuous color temperature and brightness controls. But wait that is not all, as you dial the color temperature to your desired setting, which you can now set in your cameras white balance setting, you can also adjust the brightness. Unlike other similar lights where the color temperature will vary as the brightness changes, their technology will automatically make the proper adjustments.

Rotolight Anova B-Color V2

Rotolight Anova B-Color V2

Wait that is not all, there is a lot more to this light, but instead of telling you about it, I want you to watch Rod Gammons tell you all about it in his interview with Andy. In addition to this new on camera light, which of course can be used off camera too, they have improved their popular Anova light with new features and power. The ANOVA Bi-Colour V2 EcoFlood is available now, but you are going to have to wait, as we will, until they begin shipping the Neo in March 2015.

Rotolights continue to gain popularity with the film and television studios and you have seen them in use in Captain Phillips with Tom Hanks and recently in Maleficent with Angelina Jolie. Visit their site and see what all the excitement is about.

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