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Exciting New Photo Gear At Photoplus 2014 – Nikon, Tamron, Datacolor and Rotolight

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Spyder HD Kit

Spyder HD Kit



Our first interview was set with Datacolor the leader in the field of color management for photographers, videographers, designers and imaging professionals. We wanted to find out more about their complete product line and some of their new products and met with David Tobie their Product Specialist.

This year we not only wanted to review some of their new products including the new Spyder HD kit that comes in a James Bond like case filled with what every photographer needs. It includes their , Spyder4elite, Spydercube, and the Spydercheckr. We also had an opportunity to hear testimonials from some of their customers. So on the extended interview you will discover why all professionals in our industry depend on Datacolor for color management.

spyderlenscal_image_2SpyderLENSCAL…I had issues using some of my lenses on my Nikon D7100 and never realized that many lenses may not work properly with the cameras auto focus system. My camera was one of them. I blamed this on the camera, even sent my Tamron lenses in to check the focus on them and they passed the tests.

I thought it might be focusing on the wrong point on the object, but discovered there is another possibility, the auto-focus of our lens may simply be off. Well I used the SpyderLENSCAL followed the easy instructions and went to my Nikon’s menu/tools/AF (Auto Focus) Fine Tune took the test shots, made the necessary adjustments and the difference now shooting with these lenses is well, remarkable. Sharp and crisp as it should have been.


See the complete Datacolor Interview with testimonials.




10-24mm F.35-4.5 Di II Zoom




Tamron is the world’s largest manufacturer of lenses. That is all they do, produce the highest quality lenses for the photographic and many other industries. So I have been a photographer using Tamron lenses for many years and love their All-In-One Zoom lenses. Both my adult sons also use the Tamron All-In-One lenses too. I love the 10-24mm F.35-4.5 Di II Zoom as well and use it for shooting some of the footage you see in this video.



I used my wide-angle zoom on the intro and outro with Andy because I wanted to be close to him so my lighting would be spot on, but more importantly wanted to capture all the action at the entrance of the show behind him. In situations where a powerful light is not available a wide-angle lens can help you solve some of your video problems and let you get close enough to light your subject properly.

Tamron has a slew of new lenses, can’t wait to get my new Nikon D750 to try out some of their great Full Frame lenses. You want to watch the Tamron video where we go through some of their hot new lenses including the 28-300mm Di VC PZD for Full Frame, SP 150-600mm Di VC USD and the 14-150mm Di III for Micro Four Thirds Mirrorless.

Watch our interview with Armondo, Tamron’s Product Specialist, as he shows us these hot new lenses.

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