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New York’s Green Markets • The Museum of Natural History

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Once You Find FREE Parking In New York City, Don’t Move Your Car

After looking for and finding parking near the Children’s Museum, I decided to leave that location to go over to the Green Market. I never should have done this because on a Sunday in New York City, parking meters are off and people tend to park and stay in a spot all day.   We actually could have walked over to the Green Market from there, but I am usually lucky in finding a parking spot, so I decided to get closer so we could then leave from there, after I took some photos and spoke to some of the vendors, big mistake.

I always look for legal parking and try never to park illegally.  Unfortunately there are times that I really have to when I am on an assignment.  Most of those times I am only there a few minutes to take some photos for an article I am working on or for a breaking news story.  I got lucky, I thought,  and found a parking spot on the street next to the market.  There were a number of cars parked there and one was pulling out just as I neared the market.

I read the parking sign a couple of times and noticed that the parking was available for the Farmers Market.  I thought the city provided some parking for the Farmers Market patrons on Sunday, very nice indeed.  So I parked in that spot and went to take the photos I needed and talk to some of the vendors. I was able to take some of the photos you see here and buy some home-made fresh bakery products to take with us to the zoo.

On My Return To My Car…A Surprise Was Waiting

GrnMkt-10Unfortunately when we returned to our car we noticed a parking ticket on the windshield. I was a bit shocked and confused both by the parking sign and the fact that I do have valid NYP (New York Press) License plates on my car. My Press ID card was also displayed on my dash which verifies I am on an assignment for IPA.  In New York, the traffic department tends to be a hard-working team and even vehicles with proper documentation or plates, can still be ticketed as mine was with this $95 summons.

New York Press Plates and Designated Parking

Parking Rules NYPI normally cover many of the trade and consumer shows and other media events in New York as you can see from my articles on this and our IMPress Magazine websites and I do park in special NYP parking locations that are sparsely placed around the city.

Unfortunately most are near midtown Manhattan near the Jacob Javits Convention Center and on Ave. of Americas from around 42nd Street to 55th Streets and a few spots in a number of other locations, not enough to enable us to properly cover breaking news or give New York the featured articles we love to write about this great city. As you can see from the Parking For Press info sheet here, I probably shouldn’t have received a summons according to these Parking regulations but I am sure it is difficult for them to make the proper assessment on the scene. Now I must submit documents and proof I was on assignment to hopefully void this citation.

Museum of Natural History

American Museum of Natural History

Final Stop – Museum of Natural History

Reid Looks In Wonder At The Bears

Reid Looks In Wonder At The Bears

Since I already received the summons for parking near the Museum of Natural History, my wife and I decided to leave the car where it was and go to the Museum. It was cold and our original plan was to go to the Central Park Zoo.  Since we were at the museum it was a logical choice to go there.  I knew I could write an article about our day in New York and it all seemed to work well together.   I also remembered all the wonderful dioramas they had in the museum showing wildlife, fossils, sea life and recalled how much I loved to visit as a child.  I knew that Reid would love it as well.

Muse-Nat-Hist - 05He would be able to see this wonderful museum and their fantastic exhibits for the very first time. As a boy growing up in Coney Island back in the 1950’s, I would take the subway by myself many times to this museum.  It was a different time back then and it was not unusual for a 11 year old boy to travel on the subways alone. Today it would be unheard of and a parent could lose custody of their children for letting them travel alone this way. What a wonderful world it was back then.

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