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New York’s Green Markets • The Museum of Natural History

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It was a beautiful Sunday and my wife and I planned to spend a day in New York with our two-year old grandson Reid. My son Andrew and his pregnant wife Sara, are expecting twins in three months and needed some time to pack up their apartment for next weeks move to New Jersey.

So we were more than happy to take Reid for the day. Our plan was to visit the Children’s Museum of Manhattan on E. 83rd Street and then over to the Green Market on 78th Street.  Then a short visit to the Central Park Zoo.

We found an on street parking spot close to the Children’s Museum and as we entered the door we could see this was not a good day for me to get some photos and find our more about the museum.  I introduced myself at the ticket counter and asked to see one of the managers to get permission to shoot some images and find out more about the museum, but unfortunately their was no one with authority there.  I did meet with a one of their staff, but she had to refuse my request since she didn’t have the authority to allow me to take photos of their facility with all the children there.

It is quite rare that I get turned down when writing an article for our publications, but I can understand that on a busy Sunday with lots of children running around that their might be some privacy or other concerns. I did have a chance to look around and take some photos, which you can see in my gallery and maybe in the future we can revisit them for a more complete review.

Next Stop The 79th Street Green Market

GrnMkt-2We live in a world eating processed foods that are full of harmful chemicals and harmful ingredients. Our vegetables and fruits are being sprayed with pesticides that can kill humans.  Many crops are grown in poisoned arsenic laden land. Our meats, poultry and fish are also in danger and many are full of hormones, antibiotics, super bacteria and our fish are swimming in polluted waters full of mercury or other toxic chemicals.  So it is no wonder that people are fearful of eating many food products being sold in our supermarkets and restaurants.

GrnMkt-7Organic foods have become a multi-billion dollar business as people realize the government and the FDA can no longer protect us from these risks to our health. Each week we read another story about imports from China being tainted or poisoned and here in our own country many foods have been taken off the shelves due to other FDA recalls.  Even my dogs favorite chicken jerky has been pulled because of high toxins from the chicken used in the  manufacture of this product in China.

So most of us have been flooding to local Green Markets as a safe alternative when shopping for these foods.  At a Green Market, as the name implies, you can buy all sorts of products including, but not limited to:  grass-fed beef, goat cheese, fresh flowers, eggs, honey, baked goods, apple cider, and a large variety of fruit and vegetables. You can find foraged greens like ramps in the spring, and an abundance of corn and berries in the summer. In the winter the markets farmers offer potatoes, preserves, and storage crops until the summer’s crops start to come in.

We have been to a number of Green Markets in Florida, New York  and in other states and countries we visit. In New York alone there are 16 Green Markets where farmers and consumers meet on Sundays to do their business.  There are of course other Green Markets in the other boroughs too, so this is a growing trend and we applaud it. We just covered the New York International Restaurant and Food Service Show at the Javits Convention Center.  We love to visit all of our Green Market vendors who represent the New York State farming community at the show and continue to see this market growing each year as we cover this show.

It was a beautiful, sunny, but cold day and I had to cover this important trend in the markets toward organic foods.  My assignment was to write an article about New York’s  the Green markets. I decided to combine business with pleasure and take grandson Reid to the 79th Street Green Market on the beautiful tree-lined Columbus Avenue between 78th & 81st Streets.

GrnMkt-1It is a great location that draws thousands of shoppers every Sunday and is opened from 8 AM to 5 PM.  The market is just behind the American Museum of Natural History,  and the Hayden Planetarium and across the street from a wonderful Flea Market, which we intend on visiting on our next trip to that neighborhood.

I was asked to visit the Market by a number of their vendors who asked me to write this article and I jumped at the opportunity. It turned out to be a great way to spend our day with our grandson and get him some healthy, wholesome goodies too.


Farmers Selling At The Green Market

  • Attending Year Round
    Ardith Mae Fresh and aged goat cheese from Susquihanna County, PA.
    American Seafood
    Wild-caught fish and shellfish from Suffolk County, NY.
    Berkshire Berries
    Honey, preserves & maple syrup from Berkshire County, MA.

    Dipaola Turkeys Turkey from Mercer County, NJ.
    Divine Brine Pickled products and chutneys from Suffolk County, NY.
    Feather Ridge Farm Chicken and eggs from Columbia County, NY.
    Hot Bread Kitchen Multi-ethnic artisan breads and tortillas from New York County, NY.
    Hudson Valley Duck Farm Heritage breed ducks and duck products from Sullivan County, NY.
    Gajeski Farm Greenhouse and field grown vegetables from Suffolk County, NY.
    Grazin’ Angus Acres Beef and chicken from Columbia County, NY.
    John Madura Farm Exotic Mushrooms from Orange County, NY.
    King’s Ferry Winery Wine from Cayuga County, NY.
    Knoll Krest Farm Eggs and chicken from Dutchess County, NY.
    Las Delicias Patisserie Baked goods from Queens County, NY.
    Martins’ Pretzels Hard pretzels from Lancaster County, PA.
    Francesca’s Bakery Breads and baked goods from Middlesex County, NJ.
    Monkshood Nursery Certified Organic vegetables and plants from Columbia County, NY.
    Roaming Acres, So Fun Farms Ostrich & emu from Sussex County, NJ.
    Ronnybrook Farm Dairy Milk, yogurt, butter and ice cream from Columbia County, NY.
    Salento Farms Garlic and pestos from Fairfield County, CT.
    Terhune Orchards Orchard fruit from Dutchess County, NY.
    Tree-licious Orchards & Bakery Orchard fruit and baked goods from Warren County, NJ.
  • Attending Growing Season Only
    5 lbs of Dirt Farm Vegetables from Orange County, NY.
    Berried Treasures Vegetables and small fruit from Delaware County, NY.
    Duva Farm Cut flowers from Salem County, NJ.
    Emmerich Greenhouses Seasonal flowering plants and cut flowers from Orange County, NY.
    Kernan Farms Vegetables from Cumberland County, NJ.
    Lavender by the Bay Fresh cut, dried, and potted lavender and honey from Suffolk County, NY.
    Pet-al Flowers Plants and flowers from Camden County, NJ.
    Valley Shepherd Creamery Sheep’s milk cheeses from Hunterdon County, NJ.
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