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New Site Features Mean Better Profiles

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Members should love a number of new features to our Members Profile Management area and Profile Display page that we are sure will improve the IPA experience.

One of the first things you will notice is a much cleaner display of your member information on your profile display page.  You can select to display your information or hide some of it.  Remember, only registered visitors and members have access to your profile information. Not unlike most social networking sites that require visitors to either join or register for complete access.

Improved Look On Our Members Profile Display Page

Our second cool feature enables Members to Feature any photos or articles of their choosing.   Once the photo or article is selected as a Featured item, it will display on the members profile.

FEATURE any article for display on Profile page

You can also pick the photos you would like to Feature as well and this will help you when you want to make a specific presentation of only a portion of your total works.  Imagine showing your best travel photos when you want to obtain media and VIP access and benefits to shows, hotels, airlines and attractions around the world.

FEATURE any image for display on Profile page

You now have the ability to customize your Profile to meet your specific needs.   You will be able to obtain access to a wider variety of shows, events, press parties and show those that grant this access exactly what they want to see.  Very cool indeed, wouldn’t you agree?

One of the best improvements is the addition of a very nice HTML formatting menu to the Add Articles area of a members profile management admin area.

You won’t have to hand code any HTML formatting now and can simply select the word or words you want to format and click on the appropriate buttons. You will find linking to resources, other sites or images also easy with the Links button. You can also insert images into your articles now if they are stored on a photo website or in another location on the net.

We have also added this nice formatting menu to every other text entry box on our site so you will find it easier to Add an Event or new Link too. Now there is one word of caution here, our current system has already formatted your older articles. You should now go in and review these as well and make any necessary changes you may want.  You can upgrade all of them, add images and add live links too.  We noticed some of the older articles appear a bit strange now, so we ask you all to check out your articles and make any necessary changes.


Our old system has its own style sheets that dictate how the site looks and which fonts will be used.  The new formatting menu will only format plain text and not text that has formatting from another program. This will confuse the system and the results are…well, ugly at best.

We have found the best way to publish a new article, should you want to copy from another program and then paste it into the text box, is to first remove any formatting that has been done to your copied article.

There are two methods to do this, the first is to paste that formatted text into a computers note pad or even a simple word program that allows you to convert the “Rich Text” to “Plain Text”.  Most programs use what they call Rich Text Formatting (RTF) and that can be a problem.

Another easy way is to copy and paste the text into the article text box and then select all of the text and click on the small icon that looks like a blackboard eraser and it will remove all previous formatting code. See the screen shot above that shows you how to do this.

Now that you have clean text in your article you can then add some of the great formatting features including Bold, Italic, Underline, alignment of your text and others.  Use the “Paragraph” selection for your text in the body of your article. This is the default setting and will create a nice looking and spaced article text.  You can of course create headings for your articles and other formatting if you like. If you pull down the Paragraph menu you will see other options that will help you format your article properly.

If you mouse over each of the icons in this menu it will tell you what they are, so you may want to do this just to become familiar with the icons and the features. So take some time now and upgrade and improve your Professional Portfolio on our website and be sure to read all of our other How To tips on making your profile shine.

Members should Login to the site and try some of these new features, we are sure you will love them and find them a great help in publishing your best works on our site.

Support IPA by using the search to find what you are looking for.

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