IPA is active on a number of Social Networking Groups.

We currently have groups, fan pages, and networks on Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube and Twitter and others.Visit our groups and feel free to join the thousands of talented photographers, videographers and journalists on our groups.

Join Us On Facebook

International Press Association has entered the world of social networking by joining the millions of other individuals, groups and companies on Facebook.


LIKE US on Facebook IPA page

You can now join our Facebook Fan Page with 2200+ LIKES and growing fast you can follow what is going on and find out what our staff and fans are doing.

LIKE US on our IMPress Fan page as well.

LIKE US on our IMPress page

We also have our IMPress Fan Page on Facebook and this is our newest page, so please visit it as well and LIKE us there. We will have special events and activities on this page in the future so bookmark it and keep coming back.

We also maintain two International Press Association groups on Facebook. One is open to all photographers and journalists or those interested in photography and writing and our Members Only Group for active IPA members.   Fan Pages and the Groups have different features and benefits.

Liking and Joining both will give you the ability to hear the latest breaking updates and messages and will also network both our IPA and IMPress staff members and our Facebook fans and group members, in one larger and more powerful network then before.

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Having larger numbers of professionals in the photographic and journalistic areas means we have more power when negotiating special benefits and discounts for our members. So join us now and become part of the International Press extended family.

You can also follow our President Len Rapoport who has now maxed out at the 5,000 friends on Facebook too.  Most of his friends are of course photographers from around the globe, so check his profile, you may find some of his friends should be yours too.

Now all IPA staff members can join him and hundreds of other professional photographers, journalists, videographers and models on the Facebook Network.

Join Our International Press Assoc. Group on LinkedIn

LinkedIn has over 35 million members in over 200 countries
and territories around the world.
Linked In

International Press Association on LinkedIn

IPA and our president and founder, Len Rapoport is now ready to invite all IPA members to join him on LinkedIn. As our continuing effort to reach out to all our staff members and affiliate members, we have decided to take advantage of the wonderful world of networking web sites.

Each site we have joined has its own unique features and benefits that we feel our members will enjoy. LinkedIn for many years has been known as the best networking sites for business professionals. From lawyers, doctors to photographers and journalists, you can now meet some of the best business people right at their website.

Unlike social networking sites like Facebook or MySpace, LinkedIn fills the void for those that want to find out the best way to grow their careers or business. There are a number of discussion groups on LinkedIn too and IPA is proud to announce the start of our New IPA Group there as well. Now you can post your questions on our LinkedIn disussion board and get answers and comments from some of the best people in our industry. If you are looking for a new job you can view their thousands of current job postings or list openings you may have.

LinkedIn is free and easy to join. Just be sure to take the time as you have done on our website to complete the profile there. Remember, this is a business networking site, so they don’t care what music you like or TV shows you watch, but a business resume is a good start. People will only network with others they feel they have something in common. So putting up your resume is the best way to link up with others with similar backgrounds. Feel free to visit Len Rapoport’s LinkedIn profile and learn a bit more about him too. Those that are not part of your invited network will not be able to see your full profile and resume, so don’t worry that it will be available to the public.

Click Here and Find out more about LinkedIn and join us there now.


Follow Us on Twitter

Click on image files above to go to our Twitter profiles and Follow Us. Join Len and IPA On Twitter. If you want to know what Len is doing then by all means follow him @lenrapp. Want to know what is going on at IPA day-to-day, then also follow us @ipanews.


Millions of people swear by Twitter and we will try to be more active now that we have two accounts there. For those that don’t know much about Twitter, here is what Twitter is all about. Twitter has grown into a real-time short messaging service that works over multiple networks and devices.

In countries all around the world, people follow the sources most relevant to them and access information via Twitter as it happens—from breaking world news to updates from friends. If you love to text message your friends, you don’t have to now, you can simply tweet them by posting your comments on Twitter. Each one of them will now be alerted and told what you are up to all at once. If you are computer based only, the benefits might not seem as great.

“What are you doing?” Answers must be under 140 characters in length and can be sent via mobile texting, instant message, or the web. This becomes a great way for many to keep in touch with their friends and eliminates a lot of text messaging. Read more about Twitter here and start to Tweet on Twitter. Want to follow Len Rapoport on Twitter too? Click Here. 



Subscribe To Our YouTube Channel 


See over 150 videos at our Channel

See over 150 videos at our Channel

IPA and our President Len Rapoport have a great YouTube Channel, visit us and subscribe and see the latest additions to our collection which include videos produced for our articles, how-to videos, travel, WordPress Tutorials and so much more. Remember to LIKE the ones you do like.


Join Us At Pinterest



See some of our President, Len Rapoport’s Pins and add him to your circle.  Great photos and articles featured here, so be sure to check it out.


Keep checking back and see additional social media sites we are setting up.  Remember to visit our IMPress Magazine website for some great articles, photos and videos too.



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