Click This Link Now…This will open a new browser window so you can follow the tour as our president, Len Rapoport shows you all the pages and features of the site.  This is a must for all new and old IPA members too.  This WordPress 3.9 video will show you some of the amazing upgrades in the WP platform.  Watch the video on the new features in WordPress 3.9 after viewing our narrated site tour and truly be amazed.


Why You Should Join IPA

This video is meant to give our current members and those that are thinking of joining IPA an opportunity to take a first look at our fourth IPA site. This new site is geared for those members who want to publish their works on this modern, easy to use platform and is so easy that beginners and pros will both find it easy to do.

Those that have joined IPA have found many opportunities and now receive financial incentives to actively publish there work.  With our new and improved program and attractive well built website, anyone can easily learn to publish articles, photos and videos.

Follow our directions in our other videos and written tutorials on our sites.

Update – See The New Features In Our WordPress Sites

The WordPress platform is the most popular publishing platform on the internet and is open source. This means it is free for anyone to use and continues to update and upgrade many of its core functions.  WordPress has just taken a giant leap into the future with some hundreds of new upgrades to the platform and they can be seen in the new WordPress 3.9 video.  If you are new to our site and want to learn more about publishing on the IPA sites, then visit our Member Support Library and watch some of our videos in our Video Library.

For anyone that thought they wanted to publish on a website, but thought they couldn’t, we can tell you that it is not as difficult as it might seem.  If you know how to send an email or post on Facebook then publishing on our websites will not be a challenge.

Join us and see your works published on our wonderful platform meant to showcase our members works.  Remember, we Learn by Doing.  We encourage all of our members, current and future to take a moment, watch the videos and read some of our How To Articles. Remember  our support team is always near by to help.

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