IPA-Logo-NewWe can only accept members from the following countries: 

United States, Canada, Europe, South America and Austrailia

We can no longer accept members from

India, Pakistan, Africa, And, Middle Eastern Countries. 

We are an English language organization and cannot support members in all countries. 
Applications from non-supported countries will be deleted.


Do Not Complete Registration Unless You Can Make Payment Now

Email Us For More Information.

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IPA publishes our member articles in the English language.  Members that wish to publish on our sites should have a good command of the written English language or have someone who can translate their articles into English for publication. 

Our members come primarily from the United States and Europe, where we can offer them the many benefits of membership.

 We apologize that membership is not available in every country, especially in these difficult times where security is a major concern.  If you want to determine if we can accept you as a member contact us for more information

All applicants are expected to pay a membership fee on completion of this application.  If you are not ready to do so, please do not submit this application until you are.  Applications for the membership that are not paid, will be deleted immediately.

 Membership fees start at $125 and $175 …

Our New Low 2 & 3 Year Membership Fees Are still in effect.

IMPORTANT: Members Please Select Drop Down Menu For The Correct Payment Option for our 1 to 3 Year Memberships.

Please read our Terms of Membership.  Once you submit this form, you have agreed to these terms.  You understand that you may not use our Press ID after its expiration date. Doing so would be in violation of our Terms. 

Press ID cards and are the property of IPA and must be returned or destroyed at their expiration date.  Please send photo of destroyed IPA Press ID by clicking here

Note:  All expired and returned IPA Press ID will earn you a $25 credit on your renewal costs.

If you are not directed to our payment page you can access it here.

See samples of digital headshots required to complete your Press Cards.

After completing application click SIGN UP button


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