Need To Verify Our Current IPA Members?


You Can Search IPA Members By Any Criteria Including Name, City, State, Country, or just about any keywords.

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members directory for an easy and fast search

 Below Is A Sample Profile Of IPA President Len Rapoport


We advise those that grant media access to verify our members current status with IPA before granting that access.

Check their IPA ID Cards Expiration Date…if it has expired they are no longer a staff member.  Below are samples of our Press ID.  For security purposes our Staff Cards will have a holographic sticker on the members photo and our Parking Permit will have a large silver one on the right hand corner.  Without these stickers the cards are not valid.

To contact one of our members please email our support team for further information.

Gold & Platinum Members Press Kit

You may also search our Expired Members directory for those no longer affiliated with IPA…click here.







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