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If you have read all three of the articles about publishing on IMPress, you are ready to see some of the differences in working on our new site.  This article deals with “How to Publish On Our Website”.  It is only a beginner’s guide and we urge you to do your own research on publishing on a WP site.

Each theme on a WP site has its own features and plug-ins.  So each WP site might be slightly different in the way you would create your post. 

Formatting Menu


You will notice that the formatting menu on our site is quite different than the one we pictured on the IMPress Authors Guide, yet they both work the same in many respects.

Since WordPress is constantly updating its core functions and our theme for this site and also the many plug-ins we have installed are also updated, you may notice that some of our instructions or screenshots may no longer match what you are seeing when you are posting on the site. 

We try to update these articles as well, but alas, it is a fool’s mission of sorts since the changes occur so frequently and information is available by doing a simple Google search or visiting the WordPress site for information.

Creating a New Post


On WordPress, a post is what we refer to as an article. A page is a static page that stays on the site, like our member registration page or payment page.  So you will be creating posts.

Select New Post, you will be presented with a blank post to work on.

Remember to upload your featured image.  In this site, it should be approximately 540 pixels by 220 pixels to fit the member site to frame it properly.  See some of our posts to get an idea of how they will look.  They must be horizontal images to work properly on this theme, so you may have to crop a vertical if that is all you have.



If you are publishing a post on IMPress,


Image size, because it will take the standard horizontal image (or vertical) and resize it to fit.  I like to upload an image that is about 600 pixels wide.  if it is a vertical image of about 300 pixels wide you can always adjust it to fit.

When uploading images to the media gallery, be sure they are edited, color is perfect, brightness and contrast are right and of course, you crop the image properly.

Add Image File

Add Image File


You can also just drag the image from your desktop or file directly into the post. 

You can also use the conventional method, click on the Add Media button and then drag the file from your desktop or files directly into the files window or upload it from the computer by searching for the image on your hard drive and uploading it from there.

 If you are not getting the proper text wrap for the image, try reducing the size until it wraps properly. You can only determine this in the View Post mode to see how it actually will look. In the edit mode, you will get an idea, but it will not show how it will actually appear in the post. You may have to play with it until you get it to where you want it.

Inserting a Video Into Your Article From YouTube


It is also quite easy to include a video you have uploaded to YouTube or Vimeo by simply clicking on the videos Share tab, copy the url and insert it into your post.   This is what you see on YouTube when you select “Share”  The video below was “Shared using the link given on YouTube”.

Embed/Share Video

Copyright Issues – Photos and Video


You can use YouTube videos without any copyright issues because the copyright owner has set it for sharing and will receive the views on his video through the video in your post. 

This is a great way to add some excitement to your articles as well. So even if you didn’t get any good photos for your article or you want to do a How-To article, grab a video from YouTube or Vimeo and place it into your article.

Photos can be found on a Google Search, but you must make sure these are cleared for your use. In a photo search on Google click on the “Tools” tab and select the option that enables you to use the photos you select.

Google Images


Be sure you are able to use your found images without violating the owner’s rights.

Some require a link to their websites or attribution.

Photo Galleries – Add Galllery or Fickr



We recommend two methods to add a number of photos to your posts.

I personally use Flickr which I find is excellent to do this.  I create a gallery of photos of Flickr and go to share my album in my post.

Share Code From Flickr


 SEO stands for Search Engine Optimized.  If you don’t get this right on your post no one will see it because Google simply can’t find it.  We use a plugin called Yoast that you will see below the article that will help you get it right.  Simply follow the directions.  It will determine if the post if Readable and has the proper SEO.  We also have a word check installed to help you get that right as well.

Categories and Tags

You will find these on the right side of your post page.  These are important and helps the reader find your article on our websites.  We have a number of categories and you can add some here too.  Tags are words that might be the year, or any other that will be important in locating your article.  See some of the tags already on our site and add some if you need to.

Content Is King


Remember, that content is important, but as important is including links in the articles that will help the reader find more information on your subject.  It is important to follow the rules and keep sentences short, no more than 20 words.  Do not repeat the same sentence openings it becomes redundant. 

SEO & Readability

Include “Headings” to make reading easier and sub-heads too.  These are all spelled out when you check the Readability and SEO on the upper right corner of your post.


For More On Publishing A Post On A WP site, you can find many videos you YouTube and articles on the Internet.  This page is a short tutorial to help you understand how to publish on our site and we will continue to update it in the future as WP continues to update and evolve.

Want to know even more click this link to find out how to take advantage of all the new features in WordPress V5.3

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