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Meet The Breeds-2020 AKC New York

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The AKC 2020 Meet The Breeds

Meet The Breeds

“In 2020 the dogs are taking their talents to the Javits Center in New York City when the American Kennel Club (AKC®) hosts its annual AKC Meet The Breeds® on January 25-26th, 2020. 

Once again, The International Cat Association® (TICA®) joins this family-friendly, educational extravaganza that gives animal lovers the unique opportunity to meet and play with hundreds of adorable dogs and cats while learning about responsible pet ownership.

Almost 200 breeds of dogs and cats will be on-site in elaborately decorated booths with elements from the breeds’ history creatively displayed as well as opportunities to learn from experts about each breed in attendance. There will also be numerous fun demonstrations both days.”

Coverage Of The Event

This was our first year covering the Meet The Breeds show and me and my wife and our little dog Georgie couldn’t wait to attend this show. 

We had already made arrangements to cover the NY Times Travel Show at the convention center that day and discovered the Meet The Breeds show was being held in the basement level of the center.

We decided to go to the Meet The Breeds Show first.  When we arrived we were pleasantly surprised in the size and the scope of this show. 

Hundreds of beautiful dogs of every breed where there.  From the smallest to the largest, each show dog was gentle, well trained and loving all the attention they receive.

Our Show Video


As you will see in our video our little boy Georgie loved the show as well.  He even was brave enough to greet a Great Dane that seemed to like our little guy too.  This show is a must for any dog owner or dog lover. 

Georgie Meets Great Dane

Georgie Meets Great Dane

It is a great way to learn about the different breeds from the owners and for those looking to buy a dog. Many of the participating dog owners were also dog breeders.  You could arrange to buy one of their litter knowing they were legitimately pedigreed dogs.

How We Got Our Georgie

My wife and I had cats for many years.  She loved them as I did, but I was allergic to cats.  When our last cat passed we were lonely for years.  Our son’s made a decision to buy a dog for us, to put some love back in our lives. 

At a local pet shop, we fell in love with this one little dog that was supposed to be a chihuahua.   Funny that the other two pups they showed us, didn’t look anything like Georgie they looked like Chihuahua’s.  We later found out that Georgie was a mixed breed.  I decided to order a dog DNA test and discovered he was a Chihuahua/Spaniel, not a pedigreed dog.  We later discovered he was a puppy mill dog.

Georgie Is A Puppy Mill Dog

Puppy Georgie

Now we already fell in love with Georgie who was now 5 months old.  I forced the pet shop to refund the $1,000 fee they charged us because the sale of a puppy mill dog with false documents was considered fraud. 

Reluctant to do so, my summons from Small Claims Court made them realize that they had better make the refund to avoid any other public and legal actions.

One of their past employees told us that all the dogs they sold were puppy mills dogs. They paid between $10 and $20 for the dogs and if a dog was ill, or injured they would kill them, rather then spend the money to give proper medical care. 

Thousands Attend, Meet The Breeds

The AKC Show is a great place to meet the breeders, see what the puppies will look like when they mature. It is one of the only shows that we know about that offers such a vast array of breeds.   We urge anyone looking to buy a dog to contact the AKC for advice on how to find breeders and how to determine if a dog is a pedigree.

Our Happy Ending • Georgie Saved My Life

Georgie Watches Me

Now 12 years later, Georgie has become a true member of our family as all dogs do for their families.  Whether a dog is a rescue or a pedigree, they are truly gods gift to humans.  So the love between a dog and his family is one of the strongest bonds between an animal and a human.

Because of a life-threatening medical condition I have, we found that Georgie could be trained to warn me if I was going to have another coronary episode. Georgie goes with us everywhere, stays in my office to watch over me and sleeps in our bed.

I never go anywhere without Georgie.   Georgie is a trained service dog and was a therapy dog years ago, going to visit the elderly.

You can read our article on “How Georgie Saved My Life”.

Georgie Meatloaf

We decided years ago to make homemade food for Georgie.  After much research, I realized that feeding him pellets, or dog food that I didn’t trust was not the best option.  I was tired of all the warnings and recalls and decided I could do better making fresh.  Now some years later, I am happy to report that Georgie has never been sick a day in his life. 

My article with video on making Georgie Meatloaf now has 400,000+ views and you can read the comments from those dog owners that have been feeding their dogs Georgie Meatloaf and understand how it has helped their dogs maintain a healthier life.

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