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Justice of the Peace becomes the subject of a biography in Brazil

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After contracting 8,028 marriages as justice of peace and helping in the structuring of the Workers and Recreational Society clubs, the activities of Ulisses Pedroni, 82, definitely become part of the history of Sumare. The biography “Ulisses Pedroni. Uma Vida Preservando Histórias” was published this week and depicts the stays of one of the most well-known persons in the city.

Pedroni, the subject-matter of the book, says that the author of the work, Wendell Stein, is his longterm friend and tells about the process how the book was created. “We’ve known each other for many years. He knows a lot about my life and in our talks I told him about the decisions I’ve taken in my life. I explained the reasons why I’d do this or that”, Pedroni says.

Ulisses’ history represents one of thousands of Sumaré families. “I’ve always held speeches in weddings. I think that it is an important moment for those who are joining dreams. I always wish happiness, I talk about the importance of marriage and companionship that they owe each other”, he commented.

He is still working as justice of peace and is a retired municipal servant. He started as a plumber, worked as a carpenter, tax agent and administrative officer, among other functions at the city administration. He was also active in the Legislative.
Elected alternate councilment of UDN (União Democrática Nacional), the opposition party during the military dictatorship, between 1963 and 1966 Pedroni worked in the Camara de Sumaré. Two years later, he published the first book about the history of Sumaré “Monografia Histórica-Estatística de Sumaré”. In total, the justice of peace published four books that recall moments and histories of Sumaré.
“We do what we can to help the people in the city. We want the city to always remember its history. We have to work together to build our lives”, he says.

According to the author of the book, Wendell Stein, there are a lot of images in the book. “There are few texts and many photos, which, as opposed to what it may seem, is much more arduous and complex, as the pieces of information need to be condensed and easy to understand”, he says.

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