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Workshops, talks and lot more at Jumpstart 2014: Lets Play!

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Jumpstart 2014, an event focused on the creation of content for children, was held in Bangalore, India on August 28 at the Goethe-Institut/Max Mueller Bhavan. The event is a platform for professionals and aspirants involved in children’s content across media, including authors, illustrators, animators, designers, publishers and teachers, among several others.

Revolving around the theme, ‘Let’s Play’, the day-long-event hosted speakers of international repute and had discussions on storytelling, followed by workshops on writing for children and illustration. The panel discussions were represented by well-known children’s writer from Hong Kong, Nury Vittachi, Franco-Italian author and illustrator Sophie Benini Pietromarchi, two Bangalore based authors Asha Nehemiah and Anshumani Ruddra, and, Germany based publisher and tech entrepreneur Ralph Moellers.

Organised by the German Book Office in New Delhi, the event has been held in New Delhi every year since 2009 and Bangalore witnessed the event for the first time this year. Jumpstart began as a series of workshops and seminars mainly focused on writing and illustrating children’s books, libraries for children and marketing children’s books.

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