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Len-Rap-Avatar-HS-2As president of IPA and publisher of IMPress Magazine, many think I get all sorts of benefits because of my position at IPA.  The truth is that I have earned my reputation for doing the work and producing the articles, images, and videos that companies and my readers appreciate. 

My background is in Sales, Marketing and Corporate Communications and a photographer since I was 8 years old.

IPA has been a labor of love for me for 23 years while working in other industries. Now IPA and IMPress have become full-time and I love it.

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My Grandson Reid Photo By: Len Rapoport

My Grandson Reid Photo By: Len Rapoport


Roses Sent To Our Stateroom

Royal Caribbean is very happy with the project and we have covered some of their largest and newest ships including the Harmony of the Seas and the Anthem of the Seas.

My Upgraded Suite At The Mirage Hotel.Not Bad For $150/Night. Click to Enlarge

My Upgraded Suite At The Mirage Hotel. Click to Enlarge


I Have Traveled The World

My wife and I have been down the Amazon.  Gone to Bangkok, Europe, Egypt, Asia and even on a cruise to Croatia. 

We continue to receive upgrades including this suite at the Mirage Hotel in Vegas.  So many benefits because of IPA and the work I do. 

 As you review my work and my product reviews, you will see that those resorts and businesses appreciate the work I have done for them and are more than happy to offer me the upgrades and VIP treatment that I have earned.

Tamron featured me in their August 2012 Newsletter and you can see a reprint on our IMPress site now.  I should mention that I also write articles and review local restaurants, who now refuse to take my money after a meal…Ah, the benefits of membership are many.

If you do the work, you too will enjoy the benefits.

Len Rapoport

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