John Soulé

John-SouleJohn joined IPA in August 2011 and has become one of our support team members.  A resident of Hanover, Maryland in the United States, John works full time as a  Senior Cybersecurity analyst and works as a government contractor conducting FISMA Security Control assessments on various government agencies nationwide.


Now John was an avid photographer and has his own website myImagez, but never gained the access to important events that he wanted to attend.  You can see his incredible photos in our Photo Showcase at IMPress and others on this site.  He shoots with two Nikon’s, the new D800 and the D7000 and has shot many events and loves to travel and take spectacular photos of the places he and his wife visit.

As you go through the list of articles on the IMPress site you will have an opportunity to see some of his best work and also benefit from a number of How-To articles from shooting out of the window of a plane to taking baby photos. You can also visit his website and see some of the other work he does in his community.

John sent me an email that I wanted to share with our readers.


Photo By: John Soule

Len –

Just an FYI.  Last year I applied for Media Credentials to cover the Grand Prix that was held here in Baltimore.  After much discussion back and forth, as you may remember, they denied access based me not being associated with a major news organization.  I went ahead as a spectator and did I what I could  for the IMPress article.
This year, however, after their checking out IPA and I believe reviewing my article on IMPress, I have been approved for Media Access for the Labor Day weekend event.  I will have full access to the pit crew and track.  Pretty awesome to be given that privilege.   Now my lenses may work to my advantage. (ultra wide to 400mm)
Another benefit  of being with IPA – the tickets to this event are outrageously expensive and getting to the pit is unheard of.
As you say, it pays to do the work.


John Soulé

PS:  I also just received a Media Invitation to cover the National Aquarium’s  new 12million dollar Blacktip Reef shark exhibit and exclusive coverage of the National Dragon Boat races to be held in DC.   Cool stuff!  But I still have to keep my day job . . . sigh.  It pays to do the work, and someday the work will pay to be done (or something like that.)


Events and Assignments John Covered As An IPA Member

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