Dominique Schreckling

Dom-Schreckling I joined IPA in November 2010.  He is a native of Switzerland and a software engineer working on client/server applications in C++, .NET or Java on Windows/Linux/Unix or embedded systems. He is multi-lingual and speaks French, German and English. His passion, however, is capturing a wide range of subjects with his cameras.

We have the very first email he sent to us when he was thinking of joining IPA.  I wanted you to see what he was doing then and compare it to what he is doing today. You can see for yourself that those that have the ability and drive will succeed.



Chillon Castle - Photo By Dominique Schreckling

Chillon Castle – Photo By Dominique Schreckling



Dear Sirs;

I have been taking photos over 10 years now and enjoy it more and more. I shoot mostly nature (landscapes, wildlife and macro), travel (mostly Africa) and events (sports or music).  Some of my work can be found at: I am asked more and more to be the  photographer at local events, I would like to get a step further, have a more official part and hope to get easier access to larger events.

That is the main reason I am interested in joining the IPA.My primary occupation is software developer for a large company. I take photos during my free time and have very flexible working hours which does definitely help. I also take photos during my holidays, but a two-week trip around Uganda for example, can not necessarily be considered a holiday.I do want to take photography more seriously and eventually become a full-time photographer.

Best Regards,

Mr. Dominique Schreckling



first_year_articleWhen future IPA members request more information or have questions about obtaining important media access, I point them to a wonderful article Dominique wrote in December 2011,  after his first year as an IPA Member. Read My First Year As An IPA Member

In the article, Dominique details how he started to seek access to many events in his native Switzerland and how in the beginning it was important for him to actually do the work and publish articles and his wonderful photos.  He explained that he followed our instructions and guidance and after covering a number of local events started to build a reputation with the people who run the events.


By his second year, he found that the important events he covered in his first year, gave him access again with no issues at all and they requested some of the photos he shot.  Some of those that performed at the festivals requested photos as well as the organizers of their websites and promotional works.


Now Dominique is quite well-known and is now offered access to many other events that in the past declined his requests.  He is now is one of the official event photographers for some and has his works published in local newspapers seeking coverage of these events.  He has gone from a virtual unknown to that of a well-known and respected member of the media. He enjoys the prestige, credibility, and earnings all made possible through his membership at IPA.


Dominique just sent me this email that I want to share with you…

jazz fest 2

Jazz Festival
Photo By: Dominique Schreckling

July 8, 2013

I have just received great news. I can now definitely say the IPA is working for members doing their job.
Just as I have done every year since being a member of the IPA, I filled out the accreditation request form of the Montreux Jazz Festival. In the past I would either receive a negative reply telling me that they don’t know me or my work to get me accredited. In other cases I wouldn’t even receive a reply. Nevertheless, I give it a try again this year and 5 minutes ago, I received the answer to this year’s request.  My accreditation request has been accepted! Out of the list of concerts I asked, I only received one, Joe Cocker, but it is a very good start nevertheless!

it was about time! But honestly, the way they replied me in the previous years, I did not think I would  ever get accredited to the Montreux Jazz. Covering the entire Zermatt Unplugged and publishing the photos and story and all the other works I have published on our sites from all the events I have been covering finally caught their attention and gave me my chance, even if it is just a the single concert, this year.

Best Regards



Dominique more than any other member has followed the methods and taken our advice to heart and is truly a talented photographer and now author.  He is a wonderful example of what can be accomplished if you are willing to do the work.  Visit IMPress and see his work, I am sure you will be IMPressed too.


Events and Assignments Dominique Covered As An IPA Member

View His Photo Gallery ....Here

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