Leonard (Len) Rapoport

Founder, President, Publisher

Len Rapoport formed IPA over 23 years ago in the late 1980’s. Originally formed to teach local photographers some advanced techniques in studio and portrait photography, with the help of local models, his seminar program was a huge success. But wanting to reach beyond the local scene, he soon developed the first IPA website in 1997 when it was clear that the internet became the new way to reach a global audience.

From those early days of teaching and training local photographers, IPA has grown to international status and attention helping thousands of photographers and journalists globally who have followed his program and have  “Learned By Doing” actually going on assignments and doing the work.

The IPA program is unique in its methods and support. It is the only organization of its type that offers its members the ability to gain important media access and then publish their works on the IPA website and on their online publication IMPress Magazine. Len has continued to innovate new programs at IPA . The latest incentive program enables members to earn monetary credit toward their renewal fees when they publish qualified articles on the IPA family of websites.  Find out more about IPA here.

Len continues to get out and do the work himself, by covering major trade and consumer shows and putting new products through their paces for his informative product reviews. He loves to travel when he can and you can see many of his popular travel and cruise articles and videos on the IMPress website as well as on YouTube. Len is always available to work with all IPA members and prides himself on the members that succeed because of his guidance and hard work.

Languages: English

Dominique Schreckling

Director Member Services

Living in the French-speaking part of Switzerland, near Lake Geneva. He is a freelance photojournalist focusing mainly on events photography (music festivals, sports events and trade shows) and travel photography (especially Africa).

Dominique has written a number of helpful articles for new members. Click Here to see his extensive works on our website. His article “My First Year As An IPA Member” has helped many members understand how IPA helps its members gain access and credibility.

You can also see more of Dominigue’s Photos on pBase and in our Photo Showcase.

Languages: English, French, German

John Soule

Photo Tech Editor

John is a freelance photographer and photojournalist from the Washington DC area and has been in photography and photo editing since the mid-1960s. John was nominated ‘Best Photographer of the Year 2010 and 2011’ by a panel of judges for Photos2Win. He continues to publish his work on the IMPress and International Press web sites and you can read more about him and see a list of his work HERE

Languages: English

Andy Peeke

Senior Correspondent - Public Relations

Andy Peeke has hosted and appeared in ESPN “Sports Century” and CMT “40 Hottest Country Music Stars”. He has also appeared as a recurring host on Women’s Entertainment “3 Men and a Chick Flick”.

Most recently, Andy has made appearances on Bravo’s “Million Dollar Listing, New York”, Comedy Central’s “The Daily Show” and Emcee’d live music shows for Next Up Sessions (www.nextupsessions.com). He has also performed as a regular on the New York City Stand-Up Comedy Circuit. Andy regularly hosts & emcees live & recorded events nationally.

Andy can be seen on camera for IPA at our coverage of the 2013 PDN PhotoPlus Show in New York and will be seen on the IPA websites in the coming months.  Andy is an expert in Public Relations as it pertains to social media and will be seen on the IPA social media sites as well.

Languages: English, Spanish

Rudi Goldman

Video Tech Editor

As former Hollywood producer, director and videographer and has lived and worked in Europe since 1990. He is the owner of communications company Media in English, based in The Netherlands and have Dutch citizenship. He has worked for 30+ years as a communicator and video maker and his media training work at Media in English, has given him a unique understanding of the perspectives on both sides of the Atlantic. His work includes the production of many successful and award-winning television programs from Los Angeles, New York, London and Hilversum.

He is available to help IPA members with their video productions while offering our readers an insight into the production of a commercial quality video project.

Languages: English, Dutch

Ellen Gilmer

Sr. Editorial Support

Ellen a New York based writer-composer, artist and Internet marketer is the author of two books, La Belle Famille, a novel, and Free Style Run of the Heart, a book of dramatic monologues with songs. Her books were published by The Pentland Press Ltd and Carnegie Publishing Ltd in England.

As an IPA member for many years, she has now joined the IMPress staff to share her writing talents with our readers. IPA members seeking help with their articles and written works might find Ellen a welcome source of information.

Languages: English

Tim Wright

Safety & Security

Tim has been a consultant to IPA since 2005.  His background is in law enforcement and private security and specializes in internet fraud and security.  Tim is a consultant for other leading internet companies and continues to work with IPA to create a safe environment for our members and the companies we serve.

He is also in charge of our security and misuse or fraudulent use of expired or counterfeit IPA press ID.  By working with domestic and international authorities he has has helped in the apprehension and in some cases prosecution of those who have attempted the use of fake IPA press ID usually obtained on the streets of Thailand.  He has also stopped past members from claiming active membership at IPA and have attempted benefits or access they should not be entitled to.

Individuals who have been contacted by IPA members and would like to verify their current status should check our IPA Members Directory to view their current status. For a more complete member search by specific criteria please click here.

Further information with photos of fraudulent IPA press ID can be found here.

Lets get started…

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