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Do You Qualify To Join Our Staff At IMPress?

For those IPA members who have qualified to become part of our new publication IMPress, congratulations. Your published work on our site has proven you can maintain the high standards and quality of content for publication on the site.

We have already registered a number of members and given them permissions on the site as an Author which will allow them to login to the Author’s Admin on the site and work on and publish their articles which we call Posts.

Those selected will receive an email that confirms you as a User and will show your username and password to login for this site.  You will be able to modify or change it in your Profile section on the site.

The new magazine was designed to showcase our members best works, offer greater exposure and credibility which in turn will gain them  greater media access and benefits. We also believe that our overall traffic to all of our sites will increase dramatically as each member promotes their works on the site in their social networking groups, their own blogs and websites.  Of course all sites link to each other so we expect IMPress to receive thousands of hits as we begin our full operations.

If you were invited to join us, you  should check your profile information on the site. In most cases we have  taken information from your IPA profile. Remember, this is a new site and is our very own magazine so it will be important to understand the differences between our three sites.

The IPA main website is the main site for our members and contains member profiles, many articles and photos they have published on our site and information for potential members. It includes many sections that our members will find helpful, including our Events Section, Links, Membership Plans and information, New Member registrations and much more.

Member Support Blog

The Member Support Blog is quite different and has articles that help our members understand what they need to know to work on our main site, publish their work, gain media access, produce a great portfolio and other articles designed to help them understand the IPA “Learn By Doing” program.

IMPress has been a long time in coming and is our triple crown winner.  As is the case with many other organization who have a member site, we now, as they do, have our own online magazine.

Not unlike organizations like AARP and others our publication will publish articles of interest to those that have visited our site over the last 15 years.  Unlike a newspaper or News program on television, we will not report current news, crime, war, or other articles one may see on many websites or television stations.  Our magazine will deal with Lifestyle and Leisure topics those that our members have covered for years.

Enter Your IMPress Profile Information

Once you receive your invitation to join us, you should visit your IMPress profile and enter any missing information. Please include links to your social networking profiles, your website and other information requested.  Unlike the profile on our main site, this will be geared toward readers of your works on this site and will be brief as it will appear with your head shot on the bottom of your articles and on our Staff or Authors page. Completing your profile will then enable display of icons on the bottom of your profile to each of your links, your website, Facebook, LinkedIn and others.  This is a great way to drive traffic to those sites and links.

As you post to the site, we will of course review all of these new articles to make sure they meet the higher quality that is needed for the magazine. If they need to be corrected or edited we will do our best to help so they will display and read properly.

Importing Articles You Have Already Published On The IPA Site

If you have some great articles on our main site now, you may want to bring them over to this publication as well.  To do this you will login to the IPA site, go to your Profile Management area, click on the Add Articles link and open the article you want to Edit.  You can then select to copy it in the Visual Mode or in the HTML mode ( opens a new small window where you will see this code) and copy to your clipboard.

On the IMPress site you have already prepared your page by clicking on Add  New Post and you can then take the code or article you copied from the IPA site and simply paste it into the text box.  Add your title and publish it and then view the article.  You can then go in and make necessary changes to it in the format, photos, etc.  Each time you make changes in the Edit mode, you want to update the article and then view it.  Until you get familiar with the site and how to do this you will be going back and forth to see how the article looks and to make changes. See below for further info on formatting your article.

Click for larger image

This screen shot shows you how the pasted HTML code will appear on your new article.

Click here to see complete instructions on Adding A Post.

Since all of this is beautifully explained at the WordPress website, I am just going to touch briefly on some of the little, but important items you  should know in working on this site.

Adding Photos To Your Article

Any photos, screen shots, images in your original article you should now show up in your pasted article on the IMPress site. You now have the ability to add additional photos to this article and unlike our main site it is much easier to do.

Here is a simplified overview on the process.

To add a photo you only need to click on the top left link (Upload/Insert) on the menu, it looks like a small picture, click it.

You can then select to add the photo from your computer, a URL or from your articles Gallery (you don’t really need this for now). You will also see a link to the main Media Library that contains all the images that we have from all of our articles on our website and you can do a simple search to locate the one you may want.  This is especially good if you want to use a company logo that we have used before.

The new Add Media window makes it easy to upload an image. Just drag and drop the images from your desktop into this window. If  you prefer you can select the file from your computer and upload it that was as well.

If you upload a number of photos, you will then see them all appear in this Posts Gallery. Each post has its own image gallery and all photos from our site will appear in the Media Library or the main photo gallery for the site. This enables you to utilize some of your photos or those of others in other articles.

Once again it is time to visit the WordPress site for a complete explanation of working with images…click here now.

One great feature is the ability to add all the photos in your article or that you have uploaded in a Gallery View.  This can be inserted in any part of your article, you may choose to put your insertion point in the middle or end of the article and select how many columns you want in your Thumbnail view too.  Now you select the gallery


One point that I want to make clear…you will need one image to become your Featured Image. You will find the link on the bottom right side of your admin page under the Tags window. Click on link to add your image and a window will open to allow you to upload or link to that image. Please make sure your images are about 700 pixels wide so they will fit the area in your article properly.  If not your text will not display properly.

You will then click on the bottom of the window to use the Featured Image and then close this window by clicking on the X on the top right of the window. You do not want to insert this in your post, nor do you want to specify alignment.

After you have worked with this site a bit and read the information in the links I have provided you will fully understand how intuitive it is to work on this site and how easy it is to add Categories, Tags and format the article so it shines.

Everything on this site is being controlled by the theme which has a Style Sheet that selects the fonts, the look and other features of the site. By adding additional plug-ins readily available we can extend the sites features and abilities.  We have added a number already and will add more as we see the need.

Formatting The Article

The proper formatting is essential to keep the look of each article uniform on the site.  Our themes Style Sheet will select the proper fonts and you can of course control the other elements like Font Size, Bold, Italic, Underline, Font Color and many other options. To get familiar with all the options all you need to do is mouse over the various buttons on the formatting menu and read the descriptions. Try each on, update the article and see what it looks like in the real view mode not the Visual which will not give you an accurate look at the finished product.

Be sure to click on the small button on the top right (see below screen shot) to expand the menu options. You can now take advantage of a full array of cool options.  If you look at some of the other posts you can see how they were formatted too. Be sure not to change anything on any other posts then your own.

Menu In Expanded View

Advanced Formatting Techniques

There are a number of other cool formatting features on our new site. One is called Box Light and puts a nice light (or a dark one if you prefer) around your sub-heading text.

Box Light Puts Nice Box Around Your Text

You can see from this screen shot we wanted to highlight the sub-head “Why Should You Use A Primer?”  This is how we did this. You can see on the lower level of our formatting menu that there are two boxes. One is dark the other is white or light.  For this article, we are going to select the box_light.

We have written our article and have our sub-heads in place.  Now we want to go to them and make them bold.  Then we want to select the text and go to the white box in the menu and click on it. You will now see tags around your text that looks like this.  You will also notice we now selected the text only in our sub-head and changes the color to a nice Navy…right above the box light you will see a large letter “A” this is the menu to select the text colors.

If you want, you can also use the box_dark and use White or a Light color text so it can show up properly. Play around with this until you get a good fell for the look. We have been using the box-light on most if not all of our articles so we would like you to do the same for consistency in the look of the magazine.

Highlight the letter and click on the drop cap menu icon.

Drop caps and Quotes are also quite nice to use.  Here are some screen shots of each and available from your formatting menu.

Select Categories and Tags

Now you should go and check mark the Categories this article should appear in on our Category Search.  The article will be grouped with others in these categories and make finding it easier for our readers.  If you think we should add a new Category, let us know and we can add it for you.  Tags are a bit more specific and you can tag the article either with tags we have already used for other articles or new ones. This will give you an opportunity to fine tune what you couldn’t do in the Categories.  You can also simple click on some of the tags we already have in our Tag Cloud and add some of your own. See below for more info on Categories and Tags.

Adding Sign Off On Your Articles

Another great feature is our ability to add a “Sign Off” file. This is simply a prepared file that helps to promote your articles, has a link to our main site for potential members to follow and a way to encourage your readers to subscribe to our feed.

It is so easy to add the Sign Off code on the end of your articles.  All you need to do it to decide where you want it to be, usually at the end of your articles.  Put your insertion point at the end and click on the pencil icon in our formatting menu.

You will now see the following tag that has been added to the bottom of your articles. [signoff]

This is how it will appear when you update your article.

The great thing about this feature is that we can change the message from time to time and it will show that corrected message wherever the system sees the code [signoff].

Update – WP 3.4.1 New Features

We have just updated all of our blogs to the latest version 3.4.1.  This comes with a number of new features including two you may want to utilize.   The first is your ability to now include your own Twitter Embeds into your articles.  All you need to do to embed something into a post or page is to post the URL to it into your content area. Make sure that the URL is on its own line and not hyperlinked (clickable when viewing the post).

Your Twitter embed will look like this….

Better Captions

Basic HTML support has been added to the caption field in the image uploader. This allows you to add links — great for photo credits or licensing details — and basic formatting such as bold and italicized text.

Overview Of Steps To Follow

  1. Add New post
  2. Format text, Bold, Italics, Color, other options
  3. Add a “Featured Image”
  4. Add Images to your article – Upload from your computer, paste a url from another photo web site you may use, or select from the Media Gallery.
  5. For article images try to align them so the text wraps around them properly.  If you have a number of images, best to align one to the left, next one to the right and so on.  All depends on how they appear in the final page.
  6. For images in the body of the article select which size will look best. Some centered images might work at Full Size and others usually work better at the Middle size. You can always go back to the images to change alignment and sizes later.
  7. Check appropriate “Categories” this article should appear in.
  8. Select proper tags. Two tags, Breaking and Spotlight will assure the articles place in our Breaking News slider on the top of the page and in the larger Spotlight on the Home page. Then select more tags from our Tag Cloud or add additional appropriate ones.
  9. Experiment with settings, Update and View Post.  Be sure it is perfect before you leave the site, all posts that are not may be removed because they don’t meet our standards and look of the site.
  10. At the end of the article add the [signoff] code by clicking on the pencil icon in the formatting menu or simply copying or typing the code.
  11. If you need further information please view the articles on the WordPress site and follow links we have provided.
  12. See our new Advanced Authors Guide Part 2 now. It will further explain some of the most common problems you may have and detail how to make your posts fit the IMPress format and look.
  13. All else fails contact us by email and we will review your work and make corrections or give you advice on what needs to be done.

We are available to help you through the learning process, I promise you don’t need to know a thing about programming, or web design, this is a very easy system to use, but does take a little time to understand how it all comes together.

By now you have read a lot of information on the WordPress website, some pointers here in bringing an article over from our main site and can begin to make the transfers or add new articles. I am sure you will love working on the new site and enjoy the way it showcases your works.

I will be writing another article about some of the other features of this site and about the new Photo Gallery that will be going up. It will be a place for our very best photographers to showcase their work.

Now that you are ready to begin, please be very selective on your choice of articles. Articles you may have written for our main site may not qualify for inclusion in our magazine. Some are not appropriate because of subject matter, some are simply not good enough and others may not make the cut because they look like blog posts and not written as a magazine article. So please pick your best articles and your best images and go for it.


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