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New York’s International Beauty Show 2019

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New York’s International Beauty Show 2019 was once again the show for beauty professionals. Those who have a sense of discovery will attend the show to learn the new techniques, products and services they can offer their customers.

We ask ourselves, what will be the next big trend for the beauty industry this year?

We also wonder if they can top the previous years shows in both exhibitors and attendees and once again, they seem to have done both.

Longest Running Beauty Show

Because the International Beauty Show is the longest-running show for beauty professionals in the United States and is not open to the public. You will find that many exhibitors will not only showcase their products but attend the show to educate attendees.

New products, new techniques, new hairstyles and so much more at this show. Major companies usually have demonstrations of new cutting and styling techniques on the shows the main stage. Smaller companies have individual stages set up in their booths for their demonstrations.

The Main Stage

This year on the main stage, there was a fantastic show showcasing original and exciting makeup techniques.

Watch our video and see them in our photo gallery…simply FANTASTIC.



See All Of Our Show Photos Here... Or Click Image
International Beauty Show 2019

We noticed many of the larger companies that had exhibited at the show were no longer there.  Rusk, Farouk, and others. Although the names of the companies have changed, the products have too.  

From past years there were always trends and products that seemed to take over the floor.  Spray tan booths were the hot item a few years ago and of course, so many companies selling Moroccan Oil.


At the IECS show, there were no companies selling teeth whitening or spray tan equipment.  New products and new trends continue to evolve.  

What makes this show so exciting? You never know what to expect and at the show and those in the industry learn the latest techniques and styles to stay ahead of the curve.

 Men Looking For Treatments

The International Beauty Show is Co-Sponsored by the IECS show. my interest in this show was greater than any other show we covered.

We noticed that this year there was a trend toward men’s cosmetics, grooming products, hair styles and treatments. Of course there was no lack of men with beards.  

As you can see in our video, I also joined the ranks and have my beard too.  The last time I had a beard was in the 1980s.  Funny how trends seem to come back in time.

This show must have had a near equal amount of men’s products and demos as women.  Guys want to look their best too and I watched in amazement as the big stages showcased new and exciting hairstyles for men.

Shooting With An iPhone

This year I traveled through the show lighter than usual thanks to the new iPhone I own.  I was able to shoot all the video clips you see and many of the photos.  No need for a tripod, light stand, sound equipment, hand-held mics or even our correspondent.

For the first time, I did the video intro and outro, and was able to find guests and exhibitors happy to share their excitement and info about their companies on camera.

Because this is the longest-running show for beauty professionals in the United States and is not open to the public, you will find that many exhibitors will not only showcase their products but are there to educate those that attend the show.

New products, new techniques, new hairstyles and so much more. We love to watch the many demonstrations of new cutting and styling techniques on the shows main stage and on the individual stages set too.  

If you are a beauty professional you need to attend this show. It offers so much information from all the exhibiting companies that had live demonstrations on the latest hair cutting techniques to just about every other topic you can imagine.

You can spend a full day, watching these demos, a day walking the floor to see and hear about the latest products and your final day stocking up on all the merchandise being sold at wholesale or in many cases below wholesale prices.

Of Course, We Brought Georgie To The Show

We have a wonderful little service dog, Georgie.  He is a Chihuahua/Spaniel mix and is now 11 years old. Some years ago, I developed a heart condition and was told Georgie could be trained to warn me.

If I was having another attack he would alert me, before I knew it myself. 

Wherever we go Georgie brings smiles to people’s faces.  Either they miss their own dogs or they just love his cute face and how sweet he is.  

He loves to entertain too, as long as we have a treat for him. You will see him do some of his routines in the video.

Now Georgie has his own following on Facebook too. We also make him fresh food and we have shared our recipe for this special fresh dog food with over 350,000 dog lovers.  

Georgie Meatloaf

We call his food Georgie Meatloaf and invite and you to read our article and watch our video.

I will show you how to make your own Georgie meatloaf for your dogs in the video and the article.  Is your dog refusing to eat commercial dog food? Any wonder…Nothing better than fresh and it has been known to help dogs with diabetes and other ailments too.  Read the testimonials on YouTube.

  Join Georgie on Facebook and  Friend him there..too.



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