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How to Rock Royal Hair with the Kate Middleton Mane

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By Lisa-Marie Burrows

Since marrying one of the world’s most famous members of a Royal family, Kate Middleton has been thrust into the limelight of constant scrutiny where her outfits, hair and makeup are meticulously assessed.  Naturally, the Duchess of Cambridge now lives her life in  a goldfish bowl where many stop to observe her every move – especially her every fashion and hair move since marrying Prince William.

All eyes have been on The Duchess of Cambridge’s glossy brown tresses during the last 12 months, which are the envy of women everywhere. Her beautiful locks were set beautifully for her wedding – her best accessory in my opinion, pampered prior to the Queen’s Royal Jubilee celebrations and shown off to perfection during her Royal tour around the UK to accompany the Queen.

Celebrities Rocking the Royal Trend

Many other celebrities have followed in suit and have adorned the ‘Kate Middleton ‘do’ inspired by her luscious locks.  Angelina Jolie and her enviable mane of hair have also experimented with the soft, cascading curls.  Jolie has never been afraid to change her hair and in more recent years, she has modified her appearance and opted for a more elegant, suave and sophisticated look.

Another Kate – Katie Holmes – is also a reknowned hair chameleon.  We have seen her with long, unkept tresses, a cute pixie crop and most recently with the longer, silky and gently curled hair, a la Kate Middleton.

Photographs of the beautiful Duchess of Cambridge, never fail to show off her bouncy, shiny, enviable hair flowing in cascading ringlets, but the question is, how do you get this easy-breezy style?  Is it a style that can be easily recreated at home without the expense of going to a salon for a professional blow-dry?

How to get The Middleton Mane

1)  The most important requirement when achieving this style is to ensure you follow the most basic of foundations – to wash and rinse the hair thoroughly.  For this look it is essential to ensure that the hair is cleansed and conditioned with quality products with the right products for your hair type.

2)  Leaving in conditioner or shampoo residue can weigh down the hair, therefore it is imperative that the hair is rinsed vigorously leaving your hair light and shiny.

3)  Towel dry the hair gently as much as possible and use a light styling product that will help to lift the hair at the roots to give the added extra volume and height desired for this style. The root-boosting product should be evenly spritzed on the first two inches of roots only before applying heat to the hair.

4)  When using the hairdryer, be careful not to wiggle the large barrel brush around, keep it tight and taut underneath the dryer and smooth downward to get a straight result. Take a strand of hair no wider than the width of the brush being used and curl the section up onto the brush holding the dryer underneath it for a curly result. Once the hair strand section is finished, it should look and feel springy, shiny and cool – but ensure that the hair is allowed to fall off the brush naturally with out being removed forcibly.

5)  To keep the hair glossy and the length sleek and smoothed in an Ava Gardner-esque ringlet, finish the process with a lightweight hairspray to hold the curls in place – but use sparingly so that the hair is not overloaded.

Where can this style be worn?

The Duchess of Cambridge is never seen in public looking anything less than perfect and although this style may be enjoyed for the most regal of occasions, Catherine has demonstrated that even during the most normal of occasions – on an everyday task, on a shopping trip, or even playing a bit of hockey as she was seen sporting the look (pardon the pun) during one of her Jubilee visits in the United Kingdom, there is always a place for the style.

We may not have a royal title or royal crown, but with your head held high and shoulders back, enjoy the look and feel of the cascading curls and let your hair be your crown of glory whatever the occasion.  

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