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How To Get More Reads On Your Articles

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Writing articles for the web is not just writing some nice prose or publishing some pretty photos, it is understanding how to write and compel people to click on the link and read or view the articles.  Promotion of course is important, but more important is knowing how to write to attract readers.

This article will help you understand the importance of publishing your articles and improving the number of reads it will receive.

In reviewing many of the most popular articles I have discovered how important it is to use the proper tags, key words in the article copy and in probably the most important item is the articles title. Now these factors can be the difference in getting thousands of reads or not getting many.

Searches are pulling the reads and people search for specific words or phrases, so be sure to make your titles exciting, titles that will compel them to want to find out more about the article and of course lace it with keywords and tags that will pull even more reads.  A mention of a popular camera in your photo article can help pull reads.  A title that has a popular search term in it will pull heavy. One such article was written by Lisa Burrows and the link to that article is:

Guess what?  Two Tone Hair is a popular search and her article comes up on those searches. Now if we tried to tweak this a bit, I am sure it would get a higher rating on the search engines, below is an example of tweaking ones article titles.

A couple of years ago I published an article on Hubpages to see if their site could really pull reads. They have a revenue share program with ads served by Google and other advertisers, so each time someone clicks on one of the ads on my article, I earn a few pennies.

In the beginning I had published this article with this title:

Secret Codes Will Save You Money At Costco

Look at the title, do a google search like Save Money At Costco, Costco Codes, etc. you will see out of the thousands of choices this article comes up at the very top of the searches.

Article Titles Can Make A Huge Difference

Although I talk about a number of ways you can increase traffic to an article like the use of certain key words and phrases. I am constantly updating this article as well to keep it fresh, something you can do on many of your articles as well.  Not all articles can be updated, but some simple changes to old articles can get it to the top of the chart again and get new reads.

So when writing an article, think about the content, the photos or images you are going to use, be sure to use keywords and of course tag it with key words and phrases that people might be using to find it.

Case Study

I have talked briefly about my hubpages article on Costco.
As you can see in the link above the title of the article was originally “Secret Codes Will Save You Money At Costco”

Hubpages offered some suggestions on how to improve the titles of your articles to pull more reads. Based upon the most common search words and phrases they came up with some suggestions to improve the reads. Their suggestion was to add the word  “Price” in the title, which made sense to me,  so I made the change and it is now:

Secret Price Codes Will Save You Money At Costco

Now you can see from the report for June 28th that the number of reads was 1662 which was a little above the two year average of anywhere from 1200-1400 reads each week.  So it was a nice 19.3% increase over the previous week.  But look below this one on the most recent report which shows the change in the articles title…remember, only the addition of the word Price in the title.  The new weekly read on this article is now…3639 or an increase of 51.8%.  See how it increased in week two and held up in week three.

So the article title helped move the reads up to more then double in two weeks…unreal to say the least. I was convinced now that I had to review some of my other works on IMPress and rethink how I would structure future article titles.

Now a few other things I did recently to increase the reads on this article. 

I did a Google search to see how many sites had a similar article to mine.  I found many that were coming up on “Price Codes At Costco” or “Save Money At Costco” and to my surprise most of them were blogs or Facebook Groups or Fan pages pointing to my article. Apparently, it has found an important place on the internet.

So I began to visit these sites and where I could, I would promote the article on the Costco sites I found.  On their Fan pages on Facebook, I wrote a little description of the article with the link to the article and put it on as many places as I could. I found many sites in the search that quoted some of my article, but were kind enough to credit me and link to my article.  On some forums I saw that they had set up a separate link on their page to: Read Len Rapoport’s Article on Secret Price Codes.

Two weeks after I did this the numbers jumped again and doubled, proof positive that my promotional efforts paid off.  It is not enough to simply post an article and pray the world will find it.  It requires the writer to promote their works as well.

Week ending August 29th…staggering 20,795 reads


One of the biggest weeks for this article

One of the biggest weeks for this article, 40,000 Reads in One Week – Click to Enlarge

I hope you can see how a very simple change in an article title can make a huge difference.  It also is important to go out and promote your articles too. As I saw, in two weeks since I visited Costco Forums and FB Fan pages, my readership has skyrocketed.  Get out and promote your work and use some of the tips I have mentioned here and watch your reads climb.

Many people don’t know that the more inbound links to an article the more relevant search engines find it and the higher your listing goes to the top of a search as mine has.

So I will continue to update this article as I discover more information on the best methods to maximize the readership on our articles.  You will note on this particular article, I am keeping it fresh and posting my Scores as Costco, so it will encourage readers to return to re read it from time to time.

Good Luck and hopefully your hard work will pay off.  Mine has on this single article I now earn about $150 per month and over the past 5 years since it was first published I would estimate I have earned over $7,000 and it keeps going every single month.  The pennies I get when someone clicks on an ad on the article page converts to dollars at the end of the year. You can bet that Hubpages made a whole lot more then I did.

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