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Photographers have found that photo contests are a great way to present their best work and in some cases win valuable prizes too.  Not only is it a lesson in editing the thousands of images that most of us have taken over the years, but a way to have others validate the quality of our body of work.

Most IPA members understand the importance of exposure and the importance of gaining credibility. Our members have learned to publish their best works on the IPA web site. Each member receives their own members profile page where they may choose to display their best photo’s, article’s, a professional resume and even their travel dates to other cities and countries.  This of course helps them gain new photographic assignments and meet prospective clients at the shows and events they cover for IPA, but also helps them learn to be better photographers.

IPA continues to stress the importance of building a strong portfolio and we continue to urge our members “to do the work”.  A photographer’s portfolio lets others know what we do and how well we do it.  At IPA a strong portfolio gives our members the ability to gain important access to many shows and events.  Building a commercial portfolio not only helps us learn what is considered commercial or marketable, but gives us the discipline to determine what and how to shoot, helps us in selecting our subjects, and then helps us learn the importance of processing our own raw files.

Of course one of the most important lessons we all need to learn is how to be objective and edit our work. One of the reasons IPA won’t allow our members to publish hundreds of images in their profiles is because we want to force them to edit their work.  I personally advise members to only publish their single best photo from a particular set they have shot.  Wow, that take a lot of discipline, but it teaches you how to recognize what is commercial and which photos have merit.

Our member support blog continues to publish articles we hope will inspire and motivate not only our members, but others as well. In these difficult times it is important to continue to have faith in yourself and work hard to learn your art.  Of course not everyone has an artists eye, nor can each one of us reach the highest photographic skill levels. The simple truth is we can all do better if we invest the time and energy it takes to learn our craft and that will make us better photographers.

You know that many people simply can’t carry a tune, or may never be able to dance with great style.  That doesn’t mean that they shouldn’t sing in the shower or do their funky dances and it shouldn’t discourage them from taking beautiful photos that capture the important moments, people or places in their lives.

What if I told each person reading this post, that as a photographer of over 55 years, one that has his works published in literally millions of publications, record album covers, books and on the web, that each day I spend time reading articles dealing with photography.  I am constantly looking at other photographers works, I study images in leading magazines or on the internet and try to determine how they were shot.  I attempt to determine how the lights were placed in some photos, what lenses did they use, how did they pose their models and I learn something new each time I do this.

So even an old dog like me, can in fact, learn new tricks and I am constantly learning my art and so can you. Because it is easier for many to simply give up and not even try to succeed, we have expanded our support at IPA. With the addition of this new blog and our new Photo Contest, we hope that we can invigorate and excite not only our IPA independent staff members to do the work, but also excite others to do the same.

Enter Our Contest

If you love photography as most of us do and want to turn out award winning images each time you pick up your camera, you can.  We have designed a contest we believe will help you do just that. With over $8,000 in great prizes, an impressive staff of judges to critique your work and the international exposure and recognition you will receive, this is the one contest you want to enter.

We wanted our contest to be inclusive not exclusive and it won’t cost you a penny to enter, not even the cost of a postage stamp to send in some photos.  Listen, you have nothing to lose and everything to gain so do it today.  You only need to click on the link to email us three digital image files, that’s it….so take some time, look through all your favorite images and visit our  Not Another Photo Contest, Contest page.

Unlike many other contests that have come before us, we understand why it is so important for all of us to be recognized and for some, have an opportunity to be a winner.  With that in mind, almost anyone can enter, both pro’s and amateur’s and with all the great prizes we are offering our winners, well anyone can win.  Our pro’s and amateur entries will be judged based on their skill level and we will have two first place winners, one in each category and the same for our second place winners.

So start to look through all of those images you have taken over the years and pick out three of your very best shots.  What does “best” mean, well, it can be photos that bring back fond memories of events, places and people you have photographed. It might be a simple and uncomplicated photo of a child’s face or a beautiful and moving photo of a sunset.  Once you have decided which photo’s move you and which ones you simply love, then enter them into our contest and maybe one day in December you will get the call that you are one of our 30 semi-finalists and possibly one of our prize winners.

In the meantime, take a moment and read our Rules, view our contest galleries and drool over all the great prizes.  Remember, IPA and our sponsors will help you gain that credibility and exposure we all seem to need and maybe, just maybe, it will help you become a better photographer.

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