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Former Second World War combatant from Sumaré is the theme of a movie

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Inspired by the story of a former Second World War combatant, Wendell Stein is shooting a short film that aims to bring the narrative to movie theaters across the country. Stein wrote the screenplay and is now directing and editing the film, a part of which is being shot in Sumaré, while other parts in Paulínia. The film is called “Sombra da Guerra” (Shadow of War), and its main character is Pico, an imaginary former combatant inspired by the real one, Antonio Borro Sobrinho, who was born in Sumaré and went to the battlefront, in Italy, during the Second World War.

The director says the idea came up because of the historian Ulisses Pedroni, who is from the city. I found out that there was a former World War II combatant from Sumaré, and that today he is the only surviving fighter in the city,” he said. That was when the director decided to interview the real-life protagonist to give a cinematic look to this story. “Together with other friends, I decided to produce a short fiction film, but one based on real facts, telling the story of a soldier who returns to Brazil after the war, and when he arrives he realizes that much has changed in his life, so he starts questioning the price you pay in a war,” he says. CURIOSITY He says the film is above patriotism, although it helps develop a sense of patriotism among children. It also stirs curiosity about historical facts.

The short film sets the city as the village of Rebouças, the old name of Sumaré. The debut is scheduled for July this year. The film is being dubbed into English and will also be posted on the Internet. “In September, it will be distributed free of charge to the world on YouTube,” he noted. LACK OF SUPPORT Stein regrets the city did not support the project. “Because of the lack of support for culture, the people of Sumaré face difficulties to create a cultural identity with the city,” he said. The director says the production is low cost, and that the staff helps with transportation, food, and equipment. “Because I wrote, directed, edited, and composed the main soundtrack, costs were greatly reduced,” he remarked.

The short’s team comprises Wendell Stein, who wrote, directs, and edits it; it is produced by Matheus Barijan and J.R. Barbosa, the consultant Ulisses Pedroni, and casting and makeup are by Maria Rosa; production assistants are Igor Stein and Rodrigo (Shelton) Stein, the actor who plays the former combatant is Marcelo Andrade, who is the Pico character, and Lara Stein appears as the voice of Elizabeth.

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