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The First Brazilian Astronaut

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The First Brazilian Astronaut

Lt. Col. Marcos César Pontes

Lt. Col. Marcos César Pontes

Lt. Col. Marcos César Pontes is also one of the first in the world to have active participation in a ufological entity.

I was invited to interview Pontes for UFO MAGAZINELt. Col. Marcos César Pontes confirmed that he not only accepts but is enthusiastic about being on the publication’s Editorial Board.

He will also be a consultant for the Brazilian Center for Flying Saucer Research (CBPDV), the scientist responsible for the magazine.

This is an unprecedented feat, another one that adds to the history of UFO – the first in the world to complete 100 issues, and, now, the first one to have an astronaut on its staff.

UFO Website

Announced on the UFO website on 08/01/2002, Brazilian Ufology is euphoric with the opening that such membership represents for the movement.

Pontes will advise the publication for astronomical and astronautical subjects and have direct participation in the activities carried out in this sector in our country.

UFO also plans to launch a vast national campaign to popularize NASA missions into space, now closer to Brazilians with the presence of the astronaut in the US Space Agency’s pilot staff.

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