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Connecting the Dots!

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Fashion is often reinvented to make an old trend modern, to create a vintage look, or to simply reintroduce a popular style for today’s fashion market for designers, critiques, consumers and purchasers. Every so often, a style reignites in global popularity and becomes a rejuvenated fashion trend once again and the much-hyped polka dot trend is no exception. From a printed blouse to a sophisticated scarf and a must-have handbag, it is very easy to wear and will liven up a ‘sensible’ outfit.

Polka Dot Prints

Polka dots can bring out the fun, flirty and feminine look to an outfit and can be found on shirts, blouses, cocktail dresses and many more pieces of clothing. For pure polka dot perfection, wearing only one piece of this style at a time is the smartest form of attire, so the outfit does not look too busy and like an accolade to Minnie Mouse!

Many celebrities are sporting the polka dot print and have been seen stepping out to different events in clothing emblazoned in this cute, but sophisticated canvas.

Olivia Palermo opted for an enviable, eye-catching polka dot dress with the front section pinned up to create a more girly and flirty look to the outfit, revealing her two tone high heels and glammed up outfit with art deco jewellery.

Whitney Port was seen out on the streets in a fun polka dot dress, with an added print – flowers. This helps to make the outfit look cute and girly and is the perfect example of how to wear a polka print dress during the day.

Christina Aguilera has been photographed in a smart, fun dress by Dolce and Gabbana to show off her enviable curves and ability to stay fashion forward with the latest designs.

Alexa Chung demonstrated how to wear polka dots during the day to create a casual, laid back look, as she partnered her shirt with maroon jeans and black cardigan.

Bright, Brilliant Bags

Polka dot bags always bring a bit of fun to a plain or one-colour outfit. To make more of an impact, bags may be bigger with larger dots or more brightly coloured patterns to bring a bit of cheer. For those preferring to air on the side of caution, a smaller, more discreet bag could be incorporated offering a more chic effect to an outfit.

Stylish Shoes

As with many popular trends, printed clothing, shoes and accessories can look overboard if the style appears in all elements of clothing at one time.  As with many trends, often less is more and this applies with the polka dot tendency. A fine example of how to subtly include the design into an outfit could be to wear polka dot shoes. With many different versions available, in a range of colours and heights, you should not be short of finding a design to suit you.

Amazing Accessories

For those preferring to give a subtler nod at the trend, polka dots have taken over the accessory department too.  Pixie Lott has set an example of how to include the trend without going over board wearing a headband, Paris Hilton decided on a black and white belt and Rachel Bilson kept herself warm with a white and black polka dot scarf.

Now go ahead! Enjoy your mad, dotty side and have fun connecting the dots. 

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