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Alessandra Amoroso – “Amore Puro Tour”

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Mediolanum Forum in Assago, Milan, April 1st, 2014

Alessandra Amoroso called again to his fans in famous plant in Milan: after the premiere in December, another full house and another concert of great quality for the interpreter came to the fore after the eighth edition of “Friends” TV show. There was also the beginning with a thrill this time: Alessandra hisses a “can’t do it” at the beginning of the first song and runs away from the scene, as she had been betrayed emotion. The public is not falling for it, because even a giant big fish (it is April 1, in memory for the more distracted) is shown at the bottom of the stage and on the side screens.

Amoroso-(32) Amoroso-(71)

 The singer itself, when a minute later reappears laughing, tells the director that he could have to wait a moment longer before revealing the joke. Not bad. It starts and the crowd sings in unison every word of “Amore Puro”, the title track of the successful album published in 2013, already platinum disc.

The show closely follows that of four months ago, in the lineup and scenery. As Alessandra said, the choice has been to maintain unchanged the structure of the concert. Choice that paid off, providing an immediate and straight set, so that the artist needed less changing of clothes and moved smoothly on the imposing stage.

Amoroso has managed to be even more self-confident and engaging in interpreting song after song, with a comprehensive overview of a career that seems definitively projected toward an even brighter future.

Alessandra Amoroso can certainly count on a group of  loyal and affectionate supporters, who followed her since her first shows and now, in larger and larger halls, still sing with her on every song, giving it even sudden choreography, such as the hundreds of cards bearing the words “MAI” showed as a sudden during the final part of the third song.

In addition to this, the young star has a unique gift: a voice that is now an unmistakable trademark, who is learning to use with increasing mastery, moving with sometimes disarming ability between registers not only very high.
It will be interesting to see how this singer will increase in her talent. For the moment she can happily know she’s one of the best young italian pop country singer.

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