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Adapting Stephen King to Comics

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Today almost everything that involves the name Stephen King results in a great public, be it in the cinema, television or comics.
Some adaptations are memorable, like the film Stand By Me, directed by Rob Reiner, or the televising adaptation of the book Salem’s Lot directed by Tobe Hopper in 1977; others very terrible, like the recent version of the feature film Pet Cemetery, where the directors simply changed the story of the book in a disrespectful way to the fans of the original work.

In comics, much of the material adapted from King’s stories has good quality; In this list we can highlight the series The Stand (Unpublished in Brazil) and now the newly released N., edited by Darkside books, both produced by Marvel Comics.

N. is a very heavy story, with well-dosed and engaging psychological terror. In the story (which follows in a faithful way to King’s original tale), the relationship between an analyst and his patient, nicknamed N., who suffers from Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder (OCD) is shown. In this disorder, N. is intrigued by strange stones, on a property in the hinterland of Maine, in the United States.

The script was adapted by Marc Guggenhein, famous for his work on Marvel with Wolverine and Spider-Man and the art of Alex Maleev, which illustrated some of the Daredevil stories.

The finish of the work is fantastic, with hard cover, an excellent inner paper and an extra cardboard cover that protects the work. Much extra material, such as alternative covers, prefaces, bibliographies of authors. The Creative and Executive Director of the work is Stephen King himself.

If you are looking for something of a quality, with an engaging story that even affects us psychologically, with great art, read this Graphic Novel.
Stephen King’s N. for comics, comes close to becoming a true work of pop art.

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