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432 Ghz revolution in Music Branche? Phil Collins Michael Jackson examples

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“Music was my first love, and it will be my last. Music off the future and music off the past.

To live without my music is impossible to do, in this world off troubles my music pulls me through.” John Miles


Listen to the sound of Phil Collins biggest hit “In the air at night”


That sounds different don’t you agree, it is almost like it is softer, more balanced. If you hear music the way I do, absolute hearing you note instant the difference but before we get to that I would like you to listen to Michael Jackson’s biggest hit Thriller.

These recordings were made in 2012, the year that the world was supposed to collapse at all fronts, the Maya calendar was supposedly stopped 12-21-2012 but it didn’t. They made a time mistake. The Maya’s did not make any music about the sound of their music. 432 GHz. This same goes for the Chinese Emperors for more than 6000 years! If you know that the indians in the Americas came from Asia you understand why the sound is not so very different. All 432 GHz as we heard above. There is a big difference if you hear these recordings back the way it was. Vinyl a fan would say, a DJ like Armin van Buren might even say, no good show without vinyl. Afro Jack uses that a lot to. And more artist go back to basic, a download, cd, vinyl and record players are back on the market. I believe that happened because the music in 440 GHz is flat. We get used to it, but we all miss that pure low vibrations of vinyl, vibrations of 432 GHz.

Music is not something that we can delete from our life. It is everywhere, advertising, tv, movie, series, games, youtube, twitter. Everywhere around us we have music and alway’s it has a message. Either to buy or like something. It has a nice history, i want to take you back in time. To see what it did in the last couple off ages. A lot!

Throughout the ages the nobles needed it to please themselves, Churches for their hymns in Christian Believes, Hindu and Buddhist for mantra and karma sounds. Everywhere separately it was and is used. Back then in the Middle ages the musicians told u what happened in our Country. There where protest songs, some strong enough to a revolution. In France the protest songs woke up the people so Rousseau and Voltaire could lead that revolution into a success in 1762.

During the religious wars in Europe in 1600-1820 music also had a big impact, Catholics and Protestants also fought over the most belonged lady in the World,  the Mother of God. The Holy Virgin was not invited in the Protestant churches. The most Ave Maria’s where written under Protestants ruling when Catholics dit not have a voice of all. The had lost the war. Within a century they went from most powerful into heavily losses, having to deal with another religion started for their own.

During World War II films and music where very important in Nazi Germany, Hitler loved it and you could deliver a message in recordings if you changed them. 440 GHz was born. Listen to Mario Lanza and Caruso Puccini and you will never forget that sound not matter how old it is. Listen to a CD of Luciano Pavarotti and your one-off the best tenors but louder than live, less pure. Just by a recording. Why would someone in Europe decide to change the tone of what we should hear? Propaganda. To get it spread, change some tones and you have a different standard, harder and louder and most of all rhetorics in it so you listen and understand the message better, rehearse and rehearse. After World War II 440 GHz stayed around but music was not all recorded in it, certainly not in Rock, Pop, Groove, Funk and Punk that happened after the release of the CD, and now the artist go back to that wonder sounds they are so used to. They play it live on stage, that you cannot deny, and a live recording finds more fans then recorded recordings.

If I might give you an advice? Search on YouTube for 432 GHz, what you hear above is a bridge beyond all, it gives us music the way it is supposed to be. Finally Buddhism and their music, church songs (including Gospel and Spirituals) find their way back. An eye-opener. It sounds relaxed, why?

Standard is 440 GHz in releases, albums, mp3 files etc. 440 GHz is our extra, it is the natural musical pitch in the universe. If you use Phil Collins “In the air tonight” a ballad you can hear how clear the sound is, it works wonders in classical musical of course. It is different, greater and better clarity. You need less to create this balanced sound. Another good part is because it is not so loud and noisy is less ear damage! Listen to music in 440 GHz at 90 db for 9 hours and you have a hearing loss problem. Our youth has a problem since they listen to music all day long with their headphones.

despite all this we should learn to adept 432 GHz in our lives, for the standard in music, fuller sound nicer to listen to, less damage in the inner ear because it enters the ear softer. The sound enters our body into the Fibonacci spiral shape, it cancels out wave interference patterns. It is ment to keep us properly balanced with the natural environment that surrounds us. If our inner ear is in stress by artificial means, we might experience a type of “fog like” condition of feel “spaced out” 440 GHz has this 8 hz dissonant that even can change the way we think! That is the only way why World War II based propaganda used 440 hz to change the thinking of millions of people.

Composer Stuart Mitchel is doing research on the use of 432 GHz and will come with a lot more reasons why we should consider changing our recordings in the more relaxed and balance 432 GHz. Basic to music because music is our first love and it will be our last.

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