WordPress videos that will help you publish your articles and images

If you want to learn how to post properly on our site, then you need to watch these informative videos. These and our articles on our Member Support Blog will guide you through this easy process. Those that have worked on WordPress blogs, will still find this information of value.
Visit our member support blog for many informative articles about publishing your work on our sites.
Read our many How-To articles too.

We searched YouTube to find as many articles as we could that would show you some of the tips and tricks in publishing your work on our sites. We intend on producing our own in the coming weeks, but for now, these will help you during your learning process. As you will see it is all quite simple once you understand the basics of working with a WordPress blog, one of the most popular blog formats in the world.

Importance Of Headings and Sub-Headings

It is important to make your content look more appealing and break up large bodies of text. On our site we have a feature that will show a table of contents on the top of the article. This will pull from the Sub-Headings in your article which is why it becomes even more important to include them. In order to keep our site looking uniform, we have set the colors for various sub-heads and H2 is in Navy Blue and H3 which is smaller is in Maroon. You don’t need to change anything since our style sheet is set up to do this when you use these headings. Watch the video for more information.


Adding Slide Shows

The Media Manager offers an easy way to add slideshows to your posts. You can upload images from your desktop, drag an image file from your desktop to the Media Manager or select images already in your Media Manager. This video also contains information on using the Next Page Short Code which will enable you to break up a long article into a number of pages. It also includes information on how to Sign Off at the end of your articles. This has been produced by Len Rapoport for our members who publish on the IPA.Org website.


Free Images For Your Post

If you are a journalist or writer and want to publish an article on our site you will need images to illustrate your article to meet our formatting standards. All posts must have a Featured Image which should be about 550-600 pixels wide and should also have images to use in the body of the article. How can you find them on the internet without violating any copyright laws? Watch this video to find out how.


Create an Image Gallery in WordPress

For those of you that have a number of images you would like to have your readers view and don’t want to include all of them in your article because you don’t have enough text to make it work can find creating a Gallery of Images an easy way to showcase some of your best images relating to your article. This video will show you how to use this powerful feature.


Add Links In Your Article

 Don’t make your readers guess what you mean when you write about places, products, or just about anything that you haven’t explained in your article. To make your article even more enjoyable create Links to certain information on your site. Talking about a country that may not be familiar to your readers, find a good site or even Wikipedia that has that information and link to it. Links make the user’s experience more fulfilling and makes it easier for you because you don’t have to explain every detail of the article to the reader. This video shows you how to link to other articles and pages on our site and how to link to external sites

Add YouTube Videos To Your Articles


Many of us want to embed a slide show or video that we have uploaded to YouTube, but not sure how. This video will explain a few methods on how to do that. Quite easy to do as we have done here on our site.


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