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Terrorism alert in Italy: Colosseum, metro and railways watched over

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Checks increased in Museums: so the capital is preparing for the Jubilee. Services Italian: “We are ready.” Schengen suspended: every citizen is part of Europe will be filed.

In Rome, awaiting the imminent Jubilee (scheduled for 8 December), special surveillance are the Colosseum and St. Peter’s Square, where from Monday, November 23 will be installed metal detectors (Expo model).
More controls were also prepared in the municipal museums and on the metro and buses, will rise where uniformed officers. No-fly zone over the city: flights banned from December 8 until 20 November 2016, while a radar will have the task of intercepting drones. The Duomo of Milan would be among the goals of the terrorists and the vice-sensitive vicar Joseph Priolo has however explained: “We are concerned but do not worry because aware of doing the most, even more, to ensure the highest levels of safety in the city.”

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