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Contest Is Now Closed

We Have Awarded Over $8,000.00 In Prizes To Our Winners

Read about our record breaking contest and why it was so successful…

O.K., so it is another photo contest, but unlike so many others, there is no fees to pay, no contributions to our favorite charities, no restrictions on the subject matter (within reason of course) and so many prizes that the chances of winning are way up there.

Now you may ask why your chances of winning is better then in other contests, well, it is our First Photo Contest and we don’t expect thousands of entries so the odds are quite good that you may win part of our $8,000 in prizes.

Just about everyone can enter, not just IPA members.  We want to invite many of our international members and photographers to enter as well.  Due to certain copyright and other restrictions, we have to limit the entries on our first contest to those countries listed in our Rules.  If your country is not listed, we apologize and may be able to include your country on future contests.  See our complete details in our Contest Rules for the complete list.

Our system is set up to rate each photo and you only have to mouse over the Thumbs Up image and click it to vote for a particular image you like, it is that simple.

Our selection process will be similar to some of the reality contests on television.  The winning entries will be determined by a  formula of popular votes and our  judges votes combined.  Our system has been set to allow only one vote per image per voter to eliminate multiple voting by the same voter.

Because IPA wants to get to know you better, we have tried to make this an inclusive contest to as many talented photographers as we can.  We encourage all photographers of all skill levels to enter and we have set up two main classifications. The first is for the professional photographer.  Photographers that earn at least half of their living as photographers would be considered a professional photograper.

The second classification is for those that may have great skills, but have not seen their works published in major publications or media outlets and may not have sold their works or do not earn a significant income from photography or never have.  We have decided to call the non-professionals group our amateurs, for lack of a better title.  We know this certainly doesn’t describe ones skills, because some of the most stunning images have come from these amateurs, but as in sports and other contests, amateurs are those that are not paid for their skills.

Now since this is NOT just another contest we have decided to allow you to enter your favorite photo.  It might be what other contests call your Best Shot, or it might be one that has touched you or others.

Please take a moment and read our Contest Rules that will detail what you need to know before you enter the contest.  Because we are not quite sure what the response will be at this time and we know how difficult it is for most of us to pick the one photo you feel is your best, we want you to narrow it down to no more then three entries per person.

Starting October 1st through November 30st, 2010 we want you to email the digital images to us.  We will review them and will publish those images we feel are appropriate to appear on our site and in our contest.  Remember, we expect all ages to view your images, so they must be in good taste, family oriented, nothing that will embarrass you or us please.

Encourage Voting For Your Images On Your Website or in Emails

We have prepared a logo you can now embed in your website that will link to our contest.  You can also grab this logo and use it in your emails by right clicking it and saving it to your desktop.

Successful entries in our Photo Contests Should Use This Logo To Encourage Voting.You may modify this link to go directly to the page your photos are located in our Gallery by replacing this link • to the correct one for the gallery page your entries appear.  You may right click the image and save to your computer for use in your emails or copy the entire code below and paste it into your webpage, the logo will display with the link to our contest or to your gallery page.

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