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IPA is dedicated to helping our members enjoy the many benefits of being part of the legitimate media.  We all know that members of the Press enjoy many benefits and perks. 

Once you are a member, there are no additional costs other than your annual membership fees.  You will receive the education and the support you need to learn how to publish your articles.

Our many How-To articles and videos and the help of our support team will help you every step of the way.

Some of the Perks


You can also apply for media access to all sorts of events going on around the world. Our members attend international festivals, concerts, shows, and even many family attractions.  

Some include Disney World, Disneyland, Universal Studios, international museums, and many more.

 So many opportunities for our legitimate IPA members. Many companies offer members of the media free admission and access to their properties too.

Not only access for our IPA members but in some cases passes for family members too.

To find out which companies offer benefits, simply visit their websites. Go to the Press or Media section and they will usually detail how you can receive these great benefits.

In New York, you can find a list of all the FREE Museums here.  Remember, some may ask for a donation, with your IPA Press ID, this is not required.


Disney Courtesy Passes Available


The Public Relations courtesy ticket policy is designed for business purposes to give working journalists an opportunity to experience and cover the Walt Disney World Resort.  

All media affiliations must be verifiable as to editorial content and/or masthead. 

Qualifying positions include the following in these news-related categories: Social Media and Online Media: Bloggers, Freelance Writers, Editors affiliated with established news organizations or online publications Click here for more information

Membership at IPA is not only a wonderful way to enjoy access and VIP privileges. Our goal is meant to help you gain access and better your skills.  You can take your images and write articles that could get published on our websites.  

 The best part of doing the work is that you will gain credibility and exposure. You need to show those that grant access to your work. In many cases, all of the companies offering these benefits want to see our websites. In some cases, also want to see your published work.

Our New Lifetime Membership Program

One Lifetime Membership $500

Only $950 For Two 


 Our Silver and Gold Programs Discontinued


 New Lifetime Membership + Deals For Spouses, Friends, and Crew Members

 We realized that our current membership levels were simply not addressing many potential members’ needs.  Some of our members continue to use EXPIRED IPA ID which is against IPA rules.  

So no there are opportunities for our members and family with our Press ID that enables you to gain access to events that require press identification for Lifetime.

Married couples also requested Press ID for their spouses so they could both enjoy the many benefits afforded members of the Press.  Now they can buy our Lifetime Membership for $950 for the two.

 If a couple (or two people) want to join together both will have our Press ID, the cost for the 2nd Person is only $450 For the Lifetime Membership.  Payment is due at sign-up.

Imagine being able to take a friend, or assistant, a wife or husband to all the events you cover.  Our Press Access makes it possible to not only give you that access but also offers you many other opportunities. 

You can travel anywhere that may include press access to museums, bus tours, trade, and consumer shows and so much more. 

Many media outlets ask for a corporate rate for their staff when visiting hotels, attractions, museums, and much more. Check to see if they will do the same for you. 

One full membership enables these outlets to publish on our sites and enjoy full member benefits and their other staff members can now join as Silver members at a lower cost.



Your Lifetime Membership was decided by our team as the best way to join IPA.  We have decided on this program to assure you of continued benefits and you will never have to renew your membership.  

Many renewals usually come in months or years after expiration dates.  This has put a strain on us to continue to redo the Press ID kits and to process renewals.

The world is going through many changes now and we have decided to do the same.  It has become impossible to maintain our websites and add new members to our team.  We are hoping this will make things easier for all of us.  

Our Support, Your Goals, Friendship

 If you are a beginner, or a professional, and are looking to make additional income,  or want to enjoy the satisfaction that comes when you see your works published on our sites, then membership is for you.

Some members simply enjoy the things they love to do, writing, photography, or videography. They have found IPA has given them the knowledge and know-how to improve their skills.  

Our many social networking groups and fan pages, as well as our Members Only Group on Facebook, enable our members to meet other members with similar interests while building new friendships.


 Why Should You Do The Work?


IPA members, as all members of the legitimate media, enjoy many benefits and perks.  As you read our articles and corporate and member testimonials you will see that our members really do the work. Those members not only receive VIP treatment but are invited to cover many exciting events.

Our members attend and cover concerts, shows, attractions, cruises, travel resorts, trade shows, sporting events and so much more.  Just browse the articles on this site and our IMPress site and see the wonderful opportunities.

Do The Work To Enjoy Benefits

You need to do the work to enjoy the many benefits, plain and simple.  An IPA press card is simply a means of identification in most cases. Those that grant major media access, or benefits to events, will usually go through a vetting process and some will verify your membership by visiting our website.  

Of course, if they discover you are not a current member or look at the expiration date on your cards they will deny you entry or benefits. This has been a major issue and the reason for the new program.

Many companies want to evaluate an individual for possible approval or acceptance.  Some may want to see the quality of your work as well as, the quality of our publications.

It is therefore important that you have your work published in our high-quality publications.   Having your works published on both IPA and IMPress, means, even more, exposure and credibility.




On some event websites’ press request forms, they will ask for the links to your articles, images, or videos before granting access or benefits.  For this and many other reasons, it is easy to publish your work on our sites.

We will determine the quality of your work and offer help if needed.  You are a reflection of our organization, so it is a good idea to publish if you feel you can.

Now you have two sites you can point to. If you qualify, IMPress is a great platform to showcase a member’s works, and you can qualify for a staff position there too. There is no extra cost to belong to both sites, it is a perk for those that do the work.

Read Our Testimonials and Articles

See an article by IPA/IMPress staff member Dominique Schreckling about his first year as an IPA member.  Also, read our informative article on how IPA Provides The Framework For Members.

Want to Learn By Doing?  Want to enjoy the Benefits By Doing?  

Visit our Member Support Library to learn more.




Join us now and take advantage of our new IPA Lower Membership Fees.

Publishing articles will help you build your portfolio and help you gain more meaningful access and experience.

 Remember, members that will do the work will enjoy extra benefits, all members, however, can qualify for many other benefits and discounts too.

Both IPA and IMPress mean greater exposure and credibility for you.  With our support system, we can help you qualify for a position at IMPress too.

If you have the talent and the desire to do the work, we can help you create professional articles, images, and videos and gain the access you need to build a commercial quality profile.


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