Some Common Questions From Potential Members
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IPA Members Receive Our Press ID Package

One of the most common questions a potential member asks is what are the benefits of membership at IPA and what qualifications do they need, to join our organization. As most of us know members of the media have access to so many events and benefits from trade and consumer shows to free upgrades when they travel.  Many museums, attractions, sporting events offer working members of the media free access in hopes they will get the publicity that comes when a positive article

 is published about their business.

Of course many, as a courtesy, will extend privileges to members of the media.  When I travel, I rarely pay for any of those out-of-pocket items, like a tourist bus, river cruises, entrance to the many museums we visit and so much more.

lippizan stallions

Tour Behind The Scenes Lippizan Stallions

At the museums we usually meet their marketing or public relations manager who will then give us a VIP tour of their facility.  In some cases, I only need to show my press card and in others, I show them our website and some of my work on my iPad.  I always email the places I want to visit prior to my trip and let them know I am coming. I will give them links to our sites and request the access.

This simple method is how we not only saw the Lipizzaner Stallions of Austria but also had a VIP behind the scenes tour and a visit to the stables.  You can see all the benefits we received on our trip to Budapest in my article  Budapest Official City Tour.

As you will read, we did receive complimentary city tour bus, river cruise, VIP tour of the Royal Buda Castle & National Gallery and many other benefits including the upgraded suite we had at the Marriott hotel in Budapest. The article shows that I did the work and linked to all the websites and my recommendations to not only help those that supported me on my trip, but to help my readers find the best way to tour this city.

Now planning ahead is usually enough to get me those great upgrades at hotels and resorts too.  I may have booked  a $150 a night room and always, I mean always get the upgrades to those $600 a night suites.

Most of our members, that actually publish on our sites, can tell similar stories.  I wanted to write  this article in my attempt to tell the story even better.  By pointing out how members that follow our program, can improve their skills, gain more confidence and save thousands of dollars each year. If you are interested in seeing what benefits our active members have, just visit our IMPress website and see all the articles and photos there, I am sure you will be IMPressed too.

Our Silver Jr. Staff, Companion or Crew Membership Level
Membership Options

Membership Options

We realized that our current membership levels were simply not addressing many potential members needs.  Some inquiries requested a companion or crew membership rate for a mate, travel companion or crew members that didn’t want or need the full membership package but did need Press ID to gain access to events that required press identification.

Married couples also requested Press ID for their spouses so they could both enjoy the many benefits afforded members of the Press. Imagine trying to take one’s wife or husband to a trade show that only allowed those in the trade or the press access.  Traveling and going to museums, bus tours, etc. meant only the member of IPA would receive the benefit, now their mates can as well.

Other media outlets asked for a corporate rate for their staff.  One full membership enables these outlets to publish on our sites and enjoy full member benefits and their other staff members can now join as Silver members at a lower cost.

Check out our new Membership Options and take advantage of our Silver Membership Level now only $100 for the year, the perfect option for your staff or crew too. See our new two and three-year membership options now at the lowest cost ever.

Our Member Support Blog has been designed to help our members too. At our blog, you will find a number of articles that detail everything you need to know, including how to obtain media access, how to publish articles on our websites, how to get the exposure and credibility and so much more.

IBS Show

Behind The Scenes At The International Beauty Show
Photo By: Gustavo Villar

IPA members come to us from many countries at all skill levels from beginners to advanced. They all have one thing in common, they want to improve their skills and gain the access to events.  By getting “Behind The Scenes” at these events they can actually see what is involved in covering a major event and learn how to publish their article or photos on our websites.  

Most photographer or journalists never obtain access unless they were already a member of the legitimate media.

As a result, they never have the access to the Press Rooms at all these events.  In a press room, there is always excitement, refreshments, gifts for the members of the media and one gets the opportunity to meet others and make valuable contacts and friendships.


26 Years Tells You Our Program Works

IPA offers our members over 26 years of experience helping photographers and journalists get the experience and access.  Our program has received rave reviews over the years and has an excellent reputation, expertise and the knowledge needed to help members at all skill levels.  

We offer our members an opportunity to do what they love to do, take photos, videos and write.  Seeing our works published in an upscale and credible publication makes it all worthwhile.

This article has been written to offer you some insight into how two members achieved spectacular heights as members of our organization. You will learn that it is easy to fulfill your dreams if you have the talent and aren’t afraid to do the work,  just as they have done.

Two Websites To Help You Learn and Earn

We have consolidated our 4 websites into two.  We have finally taken down our original internationalpress.com website and blog and replaced it with the new internationalpress.org site.  Now you can find all of the information and support on this one site. 

Our main site was created to support our members and help them to improve their skills and gain the exposure and credibility they have earned.  Those that are actively publishing quality material on this site will be invited to become part of our staff at IMPress.  Working members at IMPress have greater access, better benefits and enjoy the praise for their work.

Leading Corporations Sponsor IPA

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Membership fees are just a small part of the funds needed to continue our work.  It has never been about the money at IPA, it has always been about our members and will continue this way with the help of our sponsoring companies.

We are fortunate to have a number of companies that continue their support. From the photographic and computer industries to others.  Much of the equipment we use or need for reviews, contests and other purposes is donated to IPA.  This gives us the ability to improve the work we do and educate our members and readers on the best equipment and products in the market.

We will never write about any product we do not endorse and in some cases will not accept a donation of a product unless it is one we can recommend. This is why you will never see a negative review.  It is simply not worth the time and effort to write these reviews if the products don’t meet our criteria.

Companies like Tamron Lenses, Manfrotto USA Tripods and accessories, RODE microphones, Beachtek Audio Adapters, Kata Bags, Omega Brandess Distribution (the U.S.’s largest photo equipment distributor) Litepanels, Petrol Bags, Zacuto, K-Tek pro brackets, Nikon USA, Royal Caribbean International, Iberostar Resorts, Metropolitan Museum of Art, and hundreds of others support IPA and our work.  IPA will not accept paid advertising, so this support is crucial to our existence.

See other supporting companies at our Corporate Testimonials and read our Member Testimonials too.

Our Featured Members

Both of our featured members are not career photographers and until their membership at IPA never attended many events.  You can see from their stories, they now enjoy the access and credibility they have both earned.  They are now established with many organizations and they have relationships with the people who grant media access.  They are a credit to our organization and both are part of our support team willing to help other members, as we have helped them.

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