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Our Goal

    Our goal is to support photographers and journalists, of all skill levels.  As a member you can cover real assignments. The best way to learn a skill is to get out and do the work.

    As a member you can select your own assignments.  You can see from our sites that our members cover sports, trade and consumer shows, concerts, travel much more. IPA’s offers the tools, knowledge, support and a Press ID package to help with the access you may need.

    You can build a professional portfolio of your work right here.  Active members gain the confidence, credibility and exposure that will get them benefits and access.


Our Publications

    IPA maintains two websites and a number of groups on social networking sites.  This website is meant to introduce our organization and our members to our visitors and fans.

    IMPress Magazine is our  online publication  that has been designed to highlight all of our members best works.

    We offer staff positions at IMPress to those members who have met our qualifications for those positions.

    Our Member Support Section was designed to offer members the support they need through informative articles that will take them step by step through the various challenges they may face.

    Helping Our Members

    For over 26 years,  IPA has helped our members to improve their skills and find new ways to earn. With our many informative articles and examples of what other members are accomplishing a new member can get on the fast track to success in a short period of time.

    We also have a mentoring program that offers those that really want to succeed one on one help when they need it.  IPA accomplished volunteers are now “Paying It Forward” by helping other members to Learn By Doing.

    We continue to work hard to be true to this mission and are dedicated to supporting IPA members in their personal and career goals.

    Affordable Too!

    For as little as $2.88 – $4.80 per week, you can become part of the IPA program.  IPA offers a number of affordable annual membership programs. From the beginner who simply wants to put a toe in the water to those that are ready to get out there now and to start shooting.

    Remember, members that are actively publishing on our websites will enjoy even more benefits and will build their professional portfolio of their work.

    IPA continues to offer the many thousands of readers that visit our sites an opportunity to read and share some of your exciting articles, photos and videos.


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    Corporate & Member Testimonials

    • “It was a pleasure to host Len on board Royal Caribbean International’s Independence of the Seas. His in depth interviews of the staff and crew along with his thorough overview of our on board spaces truly helped bring the ship to life.

      Any first time cruiser that would read his article and view his video would get a first hand look at what it is like to sail onboard “Independence of the Seas.”

      Lyan Sierra-Caro, Senior Acct. Executive, Brand Communications, Royal Caribbean International

    • Hi Leonard,

      Wow, that is the most thorough and positive review I have seen for Bokeh! I couldn’t have asked for more. We will put a link to your review at the top of our Bokeh reviews page along with a quote or two.


      Terence Tay, the author of Bokeh, is on the cc line in case you ever have questions for him. We are almost done Snap Art 2 and I can’t wait to let you try it out.


      Jeff Butterworth, CEO/Queen Bee, Alien Skin Software

    • Hello Mr. Rapoport,

      I hope this finds you and Mrs. Rapoport well.

      I just pulled up the Century review on your website. Thank you for the kind words. The photo’s are spectacular. We appreciate all your positive comments and also for pointing out the few constructive comments. I’ve already passed along your concerns with the Casino to our Onboard Marketing Manager who oversees the Casino operation.
      Thank you.

      Hope we have a chance to sail together again. Until then, wishing you and yours smooth seas.


      Eric Bohus, Hotel Director
      Celebrity Cruises

    • Thanks again, Len.

      The feedback on the video so far as been three thumbs up (Facebook); “WOW!” and “This is brilliant”. And…my husband and best friend thought it was a professional piece shot by the hotel.

      Regarding the review we wrote….she commented:It’s great … You really took a lot of time to write this;

      Thank You!

      Stephanie Mack, Blue Waters Antigua, Marketing Manager

    • Thank you Len for providing your websites and links to videos, images and reviews in addition to putting together the Video Diary of the Nieuw Amsterdam sailing, which looks fantastic.

      That’s wonderful to hear you loved the cruise and meeting with the crew onboard including Jonathan and Mark Zeller and just let us know if there’s any additional information we may provide along the way as we’re always happy to assist.

      Thank you for your time and efforts, it’s been a pleasure working with you and we’ll be in touch if other opportunities arise in the future.

      Best regards,

      Melissa Mefford, PR Coordinator
      Holland America Line

    • Hi John,

      Just saw the article & had a chance to look through your photos – incredible! Thank you so much for the great work you did & for being here on the Media Tour & covering our show. The photos are really fantastic! If the offer still stands, we’d love to have digital copies of them.

      It’s also possible our Director of Design could want to use some in the publication of our exhibition catalog. Your shot of the staircase in the main building is just simply awesome!!! I’d really love to be able to hand that one out for media uses if that’s okay.

      Thanks again & great work. Rebecca was really excited to see the article too!

      Nick Prevas, Communications, Media & Marketing
      The American Visionary Art Museum

    • HI Len,

      It was a pleasure to meet you and your wife. Thank you very much for taking the time to visit and to write such an in-depth and heartfelt article about the Museum.

      It was wonderful to learn about your family’s history, too.

      Lisa Safier, Director of Marketing, New York’s Museum of Jewish Heritage

    • HI Len,

      Great review! You covered some of the problems you faced which would be common to most every other shooter learning audio for the first time. You then explained how you overcame the obstacles to capture great sound.

      What is even more convincing is that you referred to videos you shot before/after you started using the Beachtek. Well done!

      Harry Kaufmann, President, Beachtek Audio Adapters

    • Len,

      Thanks again for the wonderful article, video and great photos.  We’re very happy you enjoyed your visit.  Come see us again soon.

      Jim Hicks – Senior Vice President, Domestic Operations
      The Johnny Rockets Group, Inc.

    • Hi Len,

      Lovely hearing from you again and delighted to hear that you enjoyed your stay.
      Thank you so much for sharing the lovely coverage – I hope you had time to relax and enjoy the beach as well!

      Wishing you a wonderful weekend!
      All the best,

      Tanya Ansaldi Sacchi
      ClubMed – PR & Partnership Manager

    • Hi Len:

      Finally catching up on my reading and I wanted to thank you for the wonderful article you wrote on Anthem. You clearly made use of every second you were onboard. Thanks for your support!

      Tracy Quan, Associate Vice President, Global Brand Communications at Royal Caribbean

    • This first year with IPA allowed me to increase my photography skills by using my cameras in really tough conditions including indoor sports and concert photography. It allowed me to also gain media access to many events and learn more about the photojournalist business, while building my confidence.


      Now it is not a challenge for me to gain access to the events I want to cover and then produce a professional article and photos, but also I now understand how these events operate and what they expect of me.  In recognition for my work at IPA and my ability to follow the easy directions on the IPA sites and blog I was asked if I would be able to help others.

      Dominique Schreckling, Switzerland, Member Since: 11/10/2010

    • What I’m really sure about is that the IPA site is a good way for me (and other members) to gain international exposure for their work. I am an IPA member since 2006 and feel grateful to this association and especially to its president, Len Rapoport, who has helped me whenever I have called upon him to do so.

      Thank you Len for the years of support and help you have given me and other IPA members.

      Miguel Ramo Del Valle, Alcante Spain, Member Since: 7/20/2006

    • I have found the IPA and President and Chief Editor Len Rapoport to be extremely helpful and valuable to the ongoing work and careers of serious photojournalists. The International Press Association Web site itself offers complete examples and strong evidence of the organization’s versatility and excellence in all areas of press activity and publishing.

      As to the IPA Press card and other documents members receive — I can honestly say it does wonders, even for new members, in opening doors and providing legitimate access to myriad events, locations and areas of immediate importance to photojournalists which would otherwise be inaccessible.

      Ellen Gilmer, Published Author , Member Since: 10/19/2007

    • I will be going again to Lapland, Finland where I took my contest winning photo.

      I have already contacted some of the museums and another ice village I want to visit…..and have already gotten my photo pass for each one.

      I will now be able to take pictures without any problems.It’s really great and I know without IPA I would never be granted this access or treated so nice. I Hope to be able to get great photos also this year and I’m really longing to take photos of the Aurora Borealis.

      Giorgio Uccellini, Italy, Member Since: 11/05/2007

    • As a result of my efforts at IPA and the Press ID package I received, I was indeed able to obtain a license to travel to Cuba because of my membership at International Press Association.

      The credibility that the official press credentials provided and the ability to publish on the website as well as post previously published works allowed me to demonstrate to the U.S. Treasury that I am a practicing journalist.

      Without the membership, I know I would not have obtained the license.

      Robert Gittens, USA, Member Since: 8/27/2010

    • I am glad I joined IPA in time for this trip, I can honestly say having IPA, IMPress and my credentials made things a lot easier for me and my wife.

      Thanks for all you have done for us, will be editing my images and getting the best up on our Photo Showcase.

      John Soule, USA, Member Since: 08/15/2011

    • It’s a pleasure to renew my membership this year. Thank you for this year. It’s been a great learning curve and fantastic to have you as my mentor.

      I have learned and achieved so much this year with your guidance and help being a member in IPA.

      The doors opened to me only because I was a member of IPA. I would have had to been a member of Getty’s or some of the big Australian Newspapers to get the assignments. IPA opened those doors Len and for that I thank you.

      Tom Griffiths, Australia, Member Since: 12/13/2011


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